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Car Tips For Saving You Money

Save Your MoneyThere are some great ways to save money when it comes to purchasing a new car or even regular maintenance for your vehicle. Dominion Motors dealer of Buick Cars in Ontario wants to insure that you are getting the best bang for you buck every time you have to do something for your vehicle.

In order for you to save the most money possible you need to start off on the right foot. The way to do this is to just start out by buying a great quality begins in the beginning. If you have a quality vehicle that is in good condition your will not have to worry about tons of repairs or wasting money on a vehicle that will just in up in the shop a ton. Obviously, if you purchase a vehicle from Dominion Motors you are off to a great start!

You should stay on top of your vehicles maintenance all the time. If it is time for your car to get an oil change take it in or do it yourself, just make sure that it is getting done before anything has time to go bad. Also, doing regular tune ups or frequent checks under the hood or checking the pressure for your tires often will help out drastically.  When you maintain your vehicle there is less time for anything to go bad.

One major thing you can do to save money is to carpool as often as possible. If it is going out with your friends or driving to work, just see what you can do to conserve your car’s gas.

The last thing you can do is to take your vehicle to a quality service department that will take care of you and your vehicle. You would get this quality service in the service department at Dominion Motors.

New 2014 GMC Sierra Review Part 2

Sierra GMC displayFor our second article about this truck we will dig a little deeper about what else this truck has to offer. The GMC Trucks interior qualities are equally top notch as the exterior of the vehicle. When you hop inside of cab of this vehicle you will see a mix of leather and material. All of the controls and steering wheel buttons are made with a rubber material and you will find a lot of aluminum accents.

Some of the optional features that are available for this vehicle include things like the a navigation system and IntelliLink system. This system comes with a touch screen display for your convenience. The radio is a high tech feature included in the touch screen system that allows you to program it specifically to your likings such as your favorite artist, songs, or genre of music. The navigation system allows you to save popular destinations or addresses. You can also add your phones library to it with the list of phone numbers for your contacts.

Some of the safety features you will find in this truck include: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and backup monitoring system. These features are just little extras that will work hard to keep you as safe as possible making this truck great for your family. Some of the features that you and your family would be able to use on family vacations or small road trips include: power source connections, USB ports, power outlets and even a three prong outlet.

These are just a few of the qualities that make this truck something worth having. There are so many other great features in this truck, but you will just have to check it out for yourself at Dominion Motors new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay.


When To Change The Oil In Your Buick

Oil Change carHaving your oil changed is one of the easiest things to have done for your vehicle, but would you believe me if I said you are probably doing it too often? The service center makes it easy for us with that tiny sticker up on the top left corner of our windshield. We just check the number and then make an appointment. However, I think that I can save you a little extra money when it comes to your vehicle.

You can find everything that you need to know about your vehicle in the owner’s manual for your Buick. Just check it out and you will see that the manual will give you an exact mileage at which you vehicle should be changed. If you have misplaced your manual then you can check out some website to find the manual for your specific year,make, and model.

Based on the conditions that you drive your car through you will find different times for regular maintenance. You will find that most people are going to have a normal schedule, but if you are driving on dirt or rock roads frequently then it might be a little more often.

Another way to save a little extra money is by using the extended life oils that you can get a fairly specific mileage out of. For instance, Mobil has an extended life oil that is guaranteed for 15,000 miles. Along with this extended life oil you can get a high mileage oil filter that will give you a little extra time in between servicing your Buick. Although these exist you might want to check out your vehicle’s warranty because they might void it out if you aren’t following the proper service intervals.

For any service needs head on over to the Dominion Motors for service of Buick cars in Ontario Thunder Bay.