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Safety is a Top Priority in the Buick LaCrosse

safety manWhat exactly IS so safe about Buick Cars today?  Your Dominion Motors Buick Cars Dealership in Ontario Canada wants you to know all that their new inventory of Buick Cars has to offer you and your family when it comes to safety.  So, we have devised a precise list of all the safety and convenience features available on the new Buick Cars in today’s lineup, with a brief description of some of the top ones mentioned below.

Safety Alert Seat is a tool that GM designed whereby the Buick Cars driver seat communicates with the driver via vibrations, indicating the direction of a potential accident.  Automatic Collision Preparation uses radar technology in new Buick Cars to detect potential crash threats and automatically trigger brakes when need be.  Forward Collision Alert sends warning to driver if camera perceived possible threat from the front of your new car.  Some of the other high tech safety features in a new Buick car, truck or SUV are as follows:  Full Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Rear Vision Camera.

Amazingly enough, that’s not all your new Buick from Dominion Motors in Ontario has to offer you and your loved ones.  These new Buick cars in the LaCrosse family have eight total standard airbags which go along beautifully with the crash avoidance capabilities listed above.  There are thorax airbags in the rear of these Buick LaCrosse cars which are innovative indeed, helping to protect the upper torso portion of a rear passenger.  As if all of the above weren’t enough, the newest Buick Cars in the LaCrosse lineup also feature StabiliTrak (Buick’s version of electronic stability control), all-speed traction control and Intelligent Brake Assist on antilock brakes…all of which greatly increase the safety in handling these Buick Cars.  Keep those you love in good hands when you’re behind the wheel.  Drive a Buick.

The GMC Sierra Can Hold It’s Own

2014 GMC Sierra 1500Beating out the competition is essentially the goal of all manufacturers of new trucks today.  GMC Trucks announced that they would be doing just that with their new GMC Sierra that is going to offer an 8 cylinder engine with more efficiency than other eights in its class, along with the capability of beating out the infamous Ford F150 with an EcoBoost V-6 engine as well.  That’s no small feat, beating out the Ford trucks, that is.  In fact, GMC Trucks have great reasons to be proud of that fact indeed.

The GMC Trucks launched for this year, both the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra are crucial events.  As two of their top sellers, the company relies upon these two new trucks’ success in order to rebuild lost profitability and regain some serious sales momentum.  The competition isn’t playing around on this matter, either, with Ford at the front of the bus, constantly chanting about their number one status and plans for the upcoming new Ford F150 trucks all over the news.  Chrysler has rushed their introduction of the all-new Ram as well, making the competition that much stiffer.

This reality from the competition mentioned above actually worked to GMC Trucks best interest last year, however, with their new trucks being the only thing spectacular in the works that year.  Everyone else had things “coming soon”.  Well, the GMC Sierra and others in their lineup benefited nicely from the competition’s detainment and now just have to carry over from last year to this one, and so on.  There is really no reason that the GMC Sierra can’t run on its own merits for many years to come.  A well-rounded, affordable, efficient and practical option for family’s who love to drive trucks, the GMC Trucks of today are one of the best choices around.  Stop into your Thunder Bay Certified Trucks dealer today and drive one for yourself!

Feel Safe in Buick Cars From Thunder Bay

safety first road signThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates all new cars every year to determine just how safe they really are.  Buick cars, although slim in selection compared to others on the market, offer you the safest of the safe when it comes to new cars.  Most of us would rank safety as a number one considering factor when buying a new car today and the Buick LaCrosse for 2014 has you covered indeed, earning five out of five stars from the NHTSA this year.

“Safety is one of the pillars of the Buick brand and our flagship continues to echo this essential element to our customers,” said Jeff Yanssens, chief engineer of the LaCrosse. “Not only do we offer advanced safety technologies in the 2014 LaCrosse, but we designed and engineered the core of the car to perform well with respect to crash safety.”  These facts ring true when reviewing the details of the results from the 2014 safety tests performed on these new Buick Cars from your Dominion Motors Car Dealer in Thunder Bay.

Let us further discuss some of the details as to what your Buick Cars dealership thinks makes these new cars so much safer than many others on today’s market.  First off, Buick designers have made these Buick cars without sparing any of the latest in advanced technologies.  This includes giving all of the new Buick Cars, for sale in Thunder Bay, a rearview camera as a standard feature.  These new Buick Cars also employ the use of radar in order to assist drivers in avoidance of crashes.  A recent article covering the safety of Buick Cars in 2014, states the following, “the refreshed full-size sedan offers one of the most comprehensive collections of standard and available safety features in the segment.”  That statement is both true and powerful, considering the number of sedan options out there today.  Visit your Dominion Motors website and look closer at all that Buick Cars have to offer you!