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Do Your Taxes in Your Self Driving Car, Call Your Mom

self driving carsThis article is designed to be a follow up to a recent post written about the future of Buick Cars in Canada, as well as all other new cars around the globe.  It is expected to be seen within 10 years, a world where cars can and will drive themselves.  That’s right, and in fact, the presence of many features in today’s Buick Cars of Thunder Bay, prove this approaching reality.  A large reason as to why innovators working in the area of autonomous driving have inserted these features into our driving reality is to help us become accustomed to the idea of losing control a bit.   The next paragraph explains the same thing in KBB words.

“In fact, the presence of these active safety features in production cars is a crucial step toward convincing the driving public that self-driving cars are OK; they are the seeds planted in the minds of car owners that will eventually grow into an attitude of acceptance of autonomous cars.”  Some states have already accepted them as legal to use for testing purposes on their roadways…Nevada, Florida and California and Google is the main software already developed that will allow for autonomous driving.  Many other manufacturers are on their way to do the same.

The idea behind giving up the wheel is for the greater good.  In Buick Cars, other manufactured cars, trucks and SUVs, regardless of what you drive, we can eliminate human error and reduce or eliminate motor vehicle accidents and namely, fatalities.  Also consider the fact that we can reduce traffic greatly as well.  Here’s another take from a writer on KBB:  “The other answer is that self-driving cars will be truly excellent for the daily commute. Get some work done while your car drives you to work. Read. Call your mother.”

Catering to Individual Customer Needs is Something That GMC Does Best

individualBesides the GMC Canyon trucks that have been in the spotlight for the past few blogs, I think we ought to look a little closer at the other GMC trucks of Thunder Bay, the ones in the full size category that workd day in and day out to compete with the likes of many really impressive other trucks on the market like the Ford F150.  We talked before about what a fabulous job GMC is doing at tailoring their new trucks to the needs of their customers.  This is very true in the full size category of GMC trucks as well.

“To start, the Sierra 1500, is available with a wide variety of engine, cab and bed options, and has the ability to tow trailers weighing up to 12,000 pounds when equipped with the 420-horsepower EcoTec3 6.2 liter V8 engine and the available Max Trailering package.”  Although not all of us who love and own trucks need all of that towing power, some really do, and therefore the reason behind the package being available and not included in the price or original offerings for these GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON.

Back to the fact that GMC will cater to many different customers and their variety of needs in a new truck, the towing needs described above are sufficient for many truck owners in Canada, but not all.  To them, we say, “If your towing needs exceed that figure, GMC has you covered. The Sierra 2500HD, which is available with the powerful 6.6 liter Duramax Diesel engine and an Allison six-speed automatic transmission, can tow trailers weighing up to 17,900 pounds.”  Then, there exists the GMC Sierra 3500HD with the ability to handle up to 23,000 pounds!   Here’s what Edmunds says about these trucks, “If you’re towing heavy equipment, the Sierra 3500HD might be the better fit for you. With a fifth-wheel hitch installed in the bed, a Sierra 3500HD equipped with the Duramax/ Allison pairing will have the ability to trailer up to 23,000 pounds.”  Stay tuned to the 2016 GMC Canyon with the Duramax offering as well coming sometime this fall to a truck dealership near you!

The Features Leading Buick Cars to Autonomous Driving

self driving carsSo, the Knight Rider was out in left field, huh?  Well, perhaps not.  It is more likely that this car was simply way ahead of its time, that’s all.  In fact, there are six different things recently published by KBB that will each and every one of them have a distinct effect on driving as we progress in time.  Most of them are approaching in what is expected to be the not-so-distant future.  I am writing this article on behalf of Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay as it relates to the future of the Buick Cars for sale there.  At the top of this list are autonomous cars.

Here is how Kelley Blue Book describes it, “You’ve heard of this one already. This is the car that drives itself, thanks to cameras, sensors, radar, lasers and magic. The most well-known autonomous car program is Google’s, which has been around (and succeeding) for years now, but most automakers also are working with technology that will make autonomous cars a reality in the next decade. Nissan is promising such a car in even less time: by 2020.”

Something to keep in mind for the Buick Cars in Thunder Bay and other new cars on the market both in the United States and Canada, is that the autonomous driving features have been around for some time now.  They are “active safety” technologies and they are exactly how the innovators planned it.  With the introduction of features that can “take over” when certain conditions are in place and at safety is at stake, they are warming us up for greater and more complex things to come.  “Some of the ‘active safety’ technologies that act strictly as driver assistance in production cars today are evolving into the systems that will allow the vehicle to take complete control of the driving process in the near future.”  You have likely heard of these features in Buick Cars as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane-centering and parking assist.