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Belts and Hoses on Your Buick Cars

belts and hosesWriting on behalf of your service team and car dealer representatives at Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay, we hope that the following information can be helpful for those who wish to know a little bit more about their Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON.  Belts and hoses are what we will focus on in the following article, as these parts often take a backseat on stage, but really are imperative to our new and used cars proper functioning.  The Pep Boys put it like this, “Belts and hoses are like the unsung hero of your engine’s team. They might not be the star of the show, but if something goes wrong with them, your engine won’t run.”

One scary thing about belts and hoses, according to your Dominion Motors Buick Cars Service, is that they are often times symptomless when it comes to signaling that they need attention.  “These parts don’t often offer direct signs something is wrong, so it’s important to perform visual checks, listen for unusual sounds…”  Most important of all, you need to take your Buick Cars into the service department and have the belts and hoses inspected at particular intervals to make sure that if they need replacing, it is done before an issue takes place and leaves you stranded.

There are several types of hoses your vehicle’s engine needs to run properly, and for your information we have listed them here:  top radiator hose, bottom radiator hose, bypass hose and a heater hose.  Things you should look for if and when you choose to inspect your new and used Buick Cars for hose viability on your own are as follows:
cracked or broken hoses, hardened or lost flexibility, bulged or swollen hoses, or signs of leaks are present.  Stay tuned for future posts here, covering Buick Cars Service in Thunder Bay where we will discuss the types of belts and what to look for during your self inspection.

Final Points of GMC Trucks New eAssist

fuel efficiencyOur third and final post regarding the GMC Sierra trucks in Thunder Bay will go over in much more detail, the way this eAssist powertrain works and what it means to Dominion Motors GMC Truck customers.

Here is a brief synopsis of this new GMC truck powertrain, from experts in the truck business who wrote thoroughly about the subject online, “The Sierra’s eAssist powertrain is a light electrification system leveraging General Motors’ latest electrification technologies. It builds on the advanced technologies of the 5.3L V8 engine, including direct injection, variable valve timing and Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), complementing them with a compact lithium-ion battery pack to enhance efficiency through.”

The ways in which the GMC Trucks with eAssist actually expound upon an already efficient system are as follows:  With Stop/Start capability the fuel savings is a definite realization since by turning the engine off when stopped at a light or in gridlock traffic you will use less fuel in your GMC trucks.  The engine restarts once the driver lets up on the brake.  The Electric power boost is an on board electric motor which provides a power boost during acceleration and passing.  This gives your GMC trucks engine the ability to operate in four cylinder mode more often than not and only activates the other cylinders when totally necessary, thereby conserving fuel once again.  Two last aspects of eAssist which allow you to save fuel in your GMC trucks in Canada are Regenerative braking and Aero enhancements, both of these features can be elaborated on at your local new and used GMC trucks dealer in Thunder Bay.  Come see our sales professionals in Canada and schedule your test drive in a new GMC truck today!



Plan a Road Trip in Your Buick Car With Flexibility

Canada travelHere we are, embarking on part two of our series regarding Canadian or American road trips worth planning for and taking in the spring and summer months ahead.  Remember that a road trip can be anything you want it to be.  You can make it major and move yourself from one part of the country to the next, even crossing from the US into Canada and making it a bi-country road trip, to simply making your way across the state, or heading out for the day and getting back before the sun sets.  The one thing that we feel all road trips in your new and used Buick Cars from Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay must have is adventure.  By adding adventure, you will be taking a simple ride from one point to the next and turning it into a journey.

Here is some specific road tripping advice I found online from someone who writes on this subject with regularity, “If you’re planning a major trip, it’s best to figure out the areas of the country you are interested in exploring, how far you want to go from home, and how much you want to spend.”

Once you decide on an area of the country, whether it be in the US, Canada, or both, you will want to map out how many miles you can drive in one day, the places you plan to stay the night, and any points that are interesting to you that you will possible want to pull your Buick Car over to hang out and explore, spending a little bit of extra time there.  Make sure that you only make a loose timeline since part of your adventure in your Thunder Bay Buick Car should be sporadic and fly by the seat of your pants.  Do what feels right in the moment and be flexible.