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The Buick Verano Borrows From the Best

updateThere are three new models that Buick Cars recently announced will be available in Canada with the sport touring title this fall.  “Buick announced that LaCrosse, Regal and Verano Sport Touring (ST) models will be available in Canada this fall — further evidence of the automaker’s earnest attempts to woo the current generation of sports sedan buyers.”  Each of the ST trim levels for these new Buick Cars in Thunder Bay, will have the following: a subtle rear spoiler, 18-inch wheels with machined faces and distinctive spoke styling.  Additionally,  the Regal and LaCrosse on Ontario will include leather-trimmed seats, Apple CarPlay capability and dual exhaust.

“Buick is reaching an all-new generation of customers by reinventing itself in terms of design, function and capabilities,” said Mike Speranzini, brand director of Buick in Canada. “These new ST models underscore the importance of design choices, while complementing the safety, refinement and connectivity technologies that are drawing new customers to Buick dealerships.”

The Buick Cars in Thunder Bay that we will close the article discussing are the compact Buick Verano four door sedans which are some of the most popular and sought after Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON.  They are surprisingly stylish compared to the past and have the best technology and performance blend of any new cars in their class.  The higher lineup of Buick Cars is where they borrowed some of what they offer.  For example, the QuietTuning (cabin noise reduction), OnStar with 4G and Wi-Fi hotspot, IntelliLink system and many other premium details, all came from higher end models.  This is no big deal, given it works just as well on the Buick Verano.  Drive one in Thunder Bay today and decide what you think of these excellent new Buick Cars in Canada.


Professional GMC Truck Detailing is Sometimes the Best

window cleaningWe began a discussion in the previous post, on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealership in Canada, about proper cleaning of the interior of your trucks.  You can always take you new or used Trucks to a Dealership service center that offers detailing.  However, if you intend to handle the cleaning of your GMC Trucks on your own, there are a few things you really ought to know.

When it comes to the windows, the following is true, “Exterior glass rightfully gets attention, but the interior sides are too often ignored.  Cleaning them will noticeably improve your vision, especially while driving at night.  Be careful around back though.  An errant swipe while cleaning can damage the rear defroster’s electrical connection point.  Consult your owner’s manual for recommended cleaning, since some cars call for nothing harsher than mild soap and water on the delicate defroster grids.”
Once you get the windows, both inside and out, handled on your GMC Trucks, you will be ready to move onto switches and controls on the inside.  Be careful not to use anything too harsh on these parts, as many things will smear the print and graphics used on some controls like your blinker signals and wiper stalks.  Also covers that are over your gauge clusters are easily scratched, so make sure to be using a scratch proof, soft cotton cloth.  Don’t use paper towels at all.  Lens wipes are the best for this, says your GMC truck dealership in Thunder Bay.  Last, but not least, “canned air, cotton swabs and the toothbrush or detailing brushes can get the tight areas and work great to clean dust from air vents.”  Remember, as a final thought, if this is too much for you to endeavor without becoming overwhelmed or annoyed, there is always the option of  a professional detail service that will often be available at your local GMC Truck Dealership in Ontario.

The 2016 Buick Regal

featuresThere are many different new and used Buick Cars from which to choose if you are indeed in the market.  The question may be whether new or pre owned is best for you and your family, which model best suits you and from whom you wish to buy?  Here, we will begin a discussion regarding the Buick Cars in the Regal lineup.  They are some of the more popular new Buick Cars in Thunder Bay.  Designed in Europe but built in Canada, the Regal is available in four trim levels: base Regal, Premium, Premium II and the sporty GS.

The entry level, standard engine is a 259-horsepower, 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinders under the hood.  This engine is combined with a six speed automatic transmission at your local Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay ON.  You can have either front or all wheel drive in the Buick Regal cars from Canada.  Available in this Buick Car lineup is the 2.4-litre inline-four with eAssist technology.  As well as a  lithium-ion battery and electric motor generator which both enable regenerative braking, and instead of all-electric propulsion, the system provides power assistance to the internal combustion engine. The system also allows the engine to shut down fuel delivery in certain situations, or at a stop, according to information found online in this article written on behalf of your Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay.

There are new enhancements discussed that came about for these 2016 Buick Cars and they are on the IntelliLink system.  They include new high-resolution display screens and more intuitive controls all of which give these new Buick Cars of Thunder Bay a safer and more technologically advanced title.  OnStar 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot are also standard in the lineup for these new Buick Cars in Canada. Optional Driver Confidence packages provide a wide range of automated safety features that do nothing buy boost consumer confidence in these excellent new cars.