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Is This Buick Car a Goner?

FarewellAs in pretty much any industry, there are rumors floating around that sometimes pan out to be the truth and other times they simply fizzle out and are a part of the crevices of our memory in time.  Currently classified as a rumor, or perhaps an educated guess (one step above a rumor), is the fact that Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON will soon say goodbye to one of the top sellers in their lineup.  We are talking about the Buick Verano and it is being spoken around town that these new Buick Cars are headed out.

Due in part to the lesser prices of gas and the ways in which people are now flocking towards larger vehicles because they simply can, the Buick Cars in the Verano lineup may actually be casualties of this reality.  Autoblog puts it clearly here, “Today, fuel prices are cheap and consumers are flocking to crossovers while Buick is stuck sharing the premium compact pie with much more prestigious names (Mercedes-Benz and Audi). And because it’s sharing showroom space with the super-popular Encore, even the Verano’s affordable pricing has become a liability.”

When you consider the above information, it makes it much more believable and sensible that these new Buick Cars in Canada may be headed out the dealer door.  It makes even more sense when you consider the following to go along with it, “Today, a lightly equipped Verano is the same price as a base Encore, and they offer broadly similar features (rear-view cameras, a seven-inch touchscreen with Intellilink, Bluetooth, etc.). And if the Encore is too small, there’s probably a GMC Terrain sitting in the same showroom, offering more utility and equal equipment to the Verano for a similar price.”  Come to your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership.  Drive what we have and make the best choice for yourself, keeping in mind that if you like the Verano, you may not be able to get your hands on one, at least not a new one, for much longer.

GMC Trucks Oil Changes Part Two

Oil lubricant.We pretty much all understand the importance of getting the oil changed in our new or used GMC Trucks and Buick Cars from Thunder Bay.  Just because we know the importance of this process does not mean that we all do so with diligence.  Life gets busy and unless you make the service department of Thunder Bay a priority on your list of errands, you are likely to overlook your GMC Trucks oil changes at the proper intervals.  Today, on behalf of Dominion Motors, we are continuing an article to cover the steps involved when your new or used trucks or cars enter the service department for their next oil change.

We already covered the first few steps of checking the fluid levels and oil condition, drain the old oil and change the filter with a well-lubricated one in your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Service Center.  Then, they will replace the actual oil.  Each of these steps is an important one, but the replacement of the oil is key overall.  “Following the replacement of the filter, the technician will put the oil pan back on the bottom of the car and reattach the bolt that holds it in place.  He or she will then refill the engine with oil.”

There exists a wide range of brands of oil, each with its own range of service ratings, along with viscosity grades.  Usually it is wise to simply allow your technician to choose which brand and type will work best for your new or used Buick Cars and GMC Truck needs.  If you wish to be educated in the process, “The service rating tells you which type of engine the oil is for: diesel or gasoline.  Thinner oil has a lower number and flows easily, while more viscous oils have a higher number.”  Whatever you do, simply make sure you remind yourself to have the oil changed at the recommended intervals.


The Latest News on the Buick Verano

Latest NewsBuick Cars are what we wish to discuss with you here, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Sales department.  More specifically, we want to talk about the Buick Verano and its potential exit from the new car scene.   “The Buick Verano’s days are allegedly numbered. Citing unnamed sources, Automotive News is reporting that Buick will kill its Delta-platform-based sedan.”  Buick is offering no comment as to the validity of this claim.

According to Automotive News, Buick is expecting 70 percent of its sales to come from other cars in their lineup at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Ontario.  The Encore, Enclave and eventual Envision will be left to pick up the slack of the loss in sales as a result of the Verano being gone.  Interestingly, the Buick Cars in the Verano lineup are pretty high on the demand list, with sales at a high in Canada and the US.  “Struggling sales might be the reason to kill a car, but the Verano is – and has consistently been – Buick’s second best-selling sedan. It’s beaten the slightly larger, more expensive Regal by at least 12,000 units in each of the last four years. Hell, in 2013, Buick sold 45,000 Veranos to fewer than 19,000 Regals. So why not kill the Regal?”

Apparently, experts say, it is more of a timing thing.  “Buick launched its smallest sedan at a time when premium compact four-doors weren’t a thing and gas prices were high enough that consumers were still hesitant to tie themselves to a CUV’s fuel bill.”   Now, as fuel prices drop and consumers run to crossovers, all bets are off.  Read more in the post to follow here on the same subject regarding these new and used Buick Cars in Thunder Bay.