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The Buick Encore Was a First

moreIn our most recent posts regarding Buick Cars and their success on the global fronts, we specified one of the main reasons for the increase in sales and record breaking titles weren’t actually Buick Cars at all, but SUVs as a matter of fact, that are responsible for the added success reported this year.  So, we have decided to report more information, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Ontario, regarding these awesomely successful new Buick SUVs, namely the Encore.  Written only a few weeks ago, Buick reports the following,  “Today, Buick introduced the new 2017 Encore, strengthening the appeal of North America’s most popular small SUV with more refined styling and new connectivity technology – including available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.”

What will you see at your Thunder Bay dealership when you are out shopping for one of these new Encore Buick SUVs?  “A new front-end appearance and a new premium interior highlight the visual refinements, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported by next-generation IntelliLink, featuring an 8-inch-diagonal colour touch screen.”  On the list of totally new standards that come with the Buick Encore are the following:  push-button start, keyless unlock via the exterior door handles and an 8-inch color touchscreen.

One thing that few people know, and can sort of be looked at as a contributing factor in the success of Thunder Bay Buick Cars is the fact that the Buick Encore was the original premium small SUV.  “The Buick Encore created the premium small SUV segment and remains the top choice for customers seeking premium features and dependability coupled with timeless design,” said Mike Speranzini, brand director – Buick and GMC for Canada. It makes sense, then that these Canada SUVs continue to lead with smart and intentional updates that include a whole new level of refinement, technology and elegance.

This Buick SUV Takes the Cake

cakeYour GMC Trucks Dealer in Canada wants to talk a few more minutes, and continue a post written here previously, regarding, not so much the GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, though those have proven to be especially successful this year, namely the one breaking sales records this year, of which there are plenty.  But, we want to give proper attention to the Encore, a little Buick SUV of total elegance and magnificent technology that makes it so worthy of the spotlight.  This, along with other Buick SUV facts, are apparent in the ever rising sales numbers reflected by your local Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer in Canada.

“In one of Canada’s rapidly evolving segments, the Encore continues to lead with smart, purposeful updates and a new level of technology-infused elegance and refinement. Introduced in 2013, the Encore quickly carved out a niche of its own, offering the premium features typically associated with larger luxury SUVs but with greater maneuverability.”

Amazingly and unexpectedly, it has been brought to our attention through the research stage of our writing process that SUVs now account for approximately 55 percent of Buick retail sales in Canada. This number is way up from 35 percent prior to the introduction of the Enclave in 2007. Starting this summer with the arrival of the Envision – which slots directly between the Encore and Enclave – Buick will offer SUVs in the three most popular segments and this accounts, we think, for the increase in profitability and overall sales for the company in the SUV segment.  On behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Dealer in ON, we strongly suggest that if you are an SUV customer or enthusiast, you check out these Buick additions to the market as soon as you can, or at least before you make an investment in your next new SUV.

The Buick Encore Offers More

moreWe recently covered the information surrounding the results of Buick Cars this year, from a global perspective.  For sale in Canada, China and the United States, Buick Cars are global and currently rank as the second largest passenger car brand in China, for one, outselling Acura, Audi, Infinity and Lincoln brands of new car.  “Buick currently ranks as the second-largest passenger-car brand in China and outsells key competitors including Acura, Audi, Infiniti and Lincoln in North America. In Canada, year-to-date retail sales are up by 17%.”

In researching and reading what the experts think, it is not the lineup of Canada Buick Cars that are making the difference in the top sales numbers so much.  It is mostly due to the SUV lineup in Thunder Bay.  “Buick’s modern, smart SUV lineup is fueling the nameplate’s international growth. The compact Envision is on pace for more than 200,000 global sales in its second year in the market. Sales in North America began in May and demand has been strong, with Envisions averaging just 23 days on dealer lots. That’s far below the industry average of 65 days.”

The Buick Encore is the small SUV in Thunder Bay and has increased its global sales each year since its launch which was less than four years ago. Buick SUV retail sales in Canada had the best month ever in September with an increase of 41% in sales which is totally record breaking. Here are some of the reasons we attribute to the new Encore’s success, “A redesigned 2017 Encore just started arriving at dealerships with a standard 8-inch touchscreen, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ― a suite of connectivity features not offered by any competitor.”