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The Top Truck by GMC

at the topThere truly is no denying that when we are the best of the best it shows.  It is reflected in our demeanor and in all that we do, boosting our confidence even more, knowing that others consider us the best of whatever it is we do or whatever function we are specializing in.  It makes sense, then, that when a particular car or truck is deemed the best in class, they actually take on the personified ability of functioning better than ever before.  We as people reflect this capability onto the inanimate object, such as the 2016 GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, specifically the 2016 GMC Canyon, as it was named the best midsize pickup truck of all of 2016.

These trucks, no doubt, have earned the title, according to your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Sales.  People who shop new trucks in Canada know that these particular GMC Trucks are the crème of the crop.  They offer more in the way of options than pretty much any other new truck on the market today. officially named them the best, but to those who have shopped new trucks, the title was just an extra confirmation of what they may already have known from hands on and up close comparisons. had this particular GMC Truck on their radar since it isn’t the first time it was highlighted by reviews and expert awards.  “Canyon, the segment’s only premium midsize truck, was also named the top pick by the editors of in a 2015 midsize pickup comparison test.”  One writer goes on to say, “Establishing a benchmark for a premium midsize pickup was our goal with the Canyon, and’s insights affirm our instincts,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “The Canyon’s quiet cabin, premium design and materials make it a maneuverable solution for customers who want the capability of a pickup with the modern amenities customers expect from GMC.”

Preparing to Change the Brake Pads on Your Buick Car

brake workOn this, our 3rd and final post on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Ontario, we will look closer at the steps involved with changing out your own brake pads on your new or used Buick Cars.  The first step is to remove the wheel, this should be self-explanatory and will then give you access to the brake assembly and can safely reach under the car.  Next, you will need to remove the slider bold on your Buick Car in Thunder Bay.  You will need to find the two slider bolts (sometimes called “pins”) that hold the caliper in place. It is usually only necessary to remove the lower bolt and it can be long but once it is fully loosened, it will slide out rather easily, according to our research on behalf of your Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay Canada.

Moving on, you will need to check out how the Buick Car in Thunder Bay will have a caliper that will pivot up once the bottom bolt is removed.  Do not disconnect any hydraulic lines, as they should flex in order to allow for this pivot.  If you need to remove one, then something has gone wrong in your Buick Car Service work at this point.

This is the point with which you can easily and best inspect your brake pads on your Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON.  “At this point, it is very easy to inspect the thickness of the brake pads to confirm that they need to be changed. Most brake pads have metal wear indicators, which are small metal tabs that squeak when they contact the rotors. Even if these are not yet touching, the pads are worn out if the friction material is 1/8th of an inch thick or less at any point.”  Moving on from this point in the Buick Car Service, you will begin the process of removal and replacement, to be covered in another post soon on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Service team in Ontario.

GMC Trucks Brake Work

rotorsHow do you know when it may be time to replace your new and used GMC Trucks’ brake pads or take your new or used GMC truck to the Thunder Bay Service Center for the appropriate maintenance?  Well, sometimes they will begin squeaking and/or grinding, but this is not always the case, so it really is best to keep track of the miles driven and take your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON to have the work done before its past due, or at least to inspect the condition of the pads on a regular basis.  Edmunds says, “But noise alone isn’t always the best indicator, so it’s best to anticipate when this will happen by periodically inspecting the thickness of the brake pads.”

Also, if your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks vibrate when you are braking, then it is possible, if not likely that you have a warped rotor or rotors.  When you are dealing with this, it is a possibility that you will need to replace or turn the rotors whenever your GMC Trucks Service Center in Thunder Bay replaces the next set of pads.  If you are a person who replaces their own brake pads, fine, but you will not want to handle your own rotor work, so call your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Service for this work.

If you plan to do your own brake pad replacement, these are the steps: –remove the wheel, remove the slider bolt, pivot the caliper up, slide out the old brake pads, replace the retaining clips, slide in the new brake pads, retract the pistons, monitor the brake fluid level, reposition the caliper, reinstall the slider bolt, repeat for the other side, test-drive under safe conditions, and remove the wheel.  There are many how-to descriptions we will get into further in another post here, on behalf of your GMC Truck Service in Thunder Bay.