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Goodbye to the Verano in the Buick Car Lineup?

Known for many things, the Thunder Bay Buick Cars in the Buick Verano family have been touted as one of the most affordable sedans in the luxury business. There exist many buyers who wish to feel the soft luxury of all the features that carry the title, but cannot or will not fork over the cash required to earn such a creature.  So, when Buick cars introduced the luxury Verano at a very reasonable cost, buyers all over the globe got on board.

Now, however, those of us in the United States and Canada may no longer have this affordable piece of luxury on wheels available at our local Buick Cars Dealer in Thunder Bay as the experts and certain sources online say that the Buick Verano‘s days might very well be numbered.  “According to an Automotive News report, two sources within General Motors say the Verano won’t be renewed for another generation in the U.S. – despite a second-generation model already having gone on-sale in China.”

If you are wondering why this may be the case, as we were when researching on behalf of your Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay, we found the best answer to lie in the other segments of vehicles for sale both in Canada and the US and their overall popularity as well.  “SUVs and crossovers have a lot to do with the Verano’s fate – once the Envision goes on-sale this summer, Buick expects 70 per cent of its sales in the U.S. to be made up by crossovers. Plus, Encore sales are red-hot, in a way replacing the Verano’s position as the gateway model into the Buick lineup. In fact, AutoNews says half of the Encore’s U.S. buyers come from other brands.”

The Latest GMC Truck Configuration Under the Hood

configurationIn the realm of GMC Trucks like the ones for sale at your Canadian GMC trucks sales and service in Thunder Bay, we see some of the greatest combos under the hood in the 2017 lineup this year.   And, specifically, when it comes to horsepower from a diesel engine, the the 2017 GMC Sierra HD bangs up to the top of the segment with an SAE-certified 445 hp from an all-new Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo diesel engine.  If you want, and who doesn’t, torque that will match this and allow for effortless trailering and hauling, then you got it.  “And when it comes to the torque that enables effortless trailering and hauling, it also delivers more than ever: an SAE-certified net 910 lb.-ft. of torque (1,234 Nm) to make easier work of the heaviest loads.”

In doing our research on behalf of your GMC Trucks Dealer in Thunder Bay, we ran across a direct quote from the VP of GMC Truck Sales and Marketing, Duncan Aldred, who said, “GMC Sierra HD trucks and the Duramax diesel have a long-established legacy of offering customers confidence-inspiring capability for the largest tasks. “With the new Duramax and additional enhancements, the 2017 Sierra HD takes the combination of refinement and capability to an unprecedented level.”

Along with the fact that these new Thunder Bay GMC Trucks present with a 19 percent increase in max torque over the current Duramax 6.6L and segment-best horsepower, the latest, revamped turbo-diesel’s performance is both quieter and smoother.  This clearly allows for greater refinement and more confidence when trailering or hauling in your next new Thunder Bay GMC Trucks near Ontario. There are more details to share regarding this, the latest GMC Truck configuration, but to experience the full scope, you have to slip behind the wheel yourself at your local GMC Trucks Dealership in Canada.

Buick Cars are Moving Towards Families

Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON have been cruising along for a bit now, sometimes seeming to go unnoticed more than what they ought to be, so today, we will reach a point where we highlight these awesome cars and talk about them.  We want to specifically cover how much these cars mean to the Buick Car Dealerships in Canada as far as success in sales and service are concerned.

One major difference today, and a great reason to discuss Buick cars’ popularity at this point, lies in their stretch into the world of families like they have never been before.  Consider the following tidbits, found on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Ontario, “Buick has long been about cruising comfort — a float-on-air ride, cosseting cabin and life’s little luxuries. For an aging clientele, the formula worked; for the younger crowd, it didn’t. Buick’s transformation in recent years opens the door to a family setting out in life. It retains its spiffy cabin, but the newfound thrust provides some semblance of driving pleasure.”

Specific model discussion has us comparing the Buick Verano in Thunder Bay with the more expensive but very close model of the Buick Regal when it comes to size anyway.  From a practical perspective, there exists slightly less rear seat legroom, but that’s about it. The 405-litre trunk has room to spare for a growing family and extra friends who come along for the ride. Up front the Buick Verano delivers ample room, comfortable seating and a refined finish. The optional Convenience pack brings Buick’s IntelliLink system with a seven-inch touchscreen, easing access to the phone, media and music functions. It also features Bluetooth, a backup camera and a remote starter; it costs $680, so it is money well spent.   Stay tuned for more Thunder Bay Buick Cars information here on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Canada.