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What Works Best for Your Buick Car?

oil changesIf you drive a Buick Car from Canada, you do not need a race car grade filter, but once you determine what you do not need, then how do you decide on some of what you do need?  We are researching oil changes and specifically, oil filters for new and used Buick cars in Canada all week and today, we focus on the paper or plastic question.  You see, what the Thunder Bay Buick Car service center will tell you is that oil filters are not made equally and some are made from different media as well.

“Filter media is another difference. Some filters are engineered with synthetic filter media (rather than pleated paper-based media). The synthetic media is said to be capable of trapping small contaminants over a longer period of time (higher miles). Additionally, some synthetic filters include special blends of rubber for gaskets and drainback valves. The purpose? Like the filter media, they’re designed to last longer.”  We also found, in our Thunder Bay Buick Car research that some synthetic filters actually have larger bodies that are longer than conventional everyday filters, which means they have more capacity that allows them to be tended to and changed less often.  “Because of these factors, some synthetic oil filters have service lives of anywhere from 7,000 to 25,000 miles.”

You will want to trust and consult with your Buick Car Dealer service center in order to determine which oil and filter works best for you and your car.  “As you can see, there are many differences found inside oil filters. So what’s right for your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle fitted with an internal combustion engine? The answer is, it depends. You really need to carefully study the specifications of each filter to determine the suitability for your particular application.”  But, no one really has time for that, so we recommend asking a qualified service center like the one at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in ON.

Early Oil Filters and Today’s GMC Truck Filters

oil filtersWe want to continue to discuss oil changes in your  GMC Trucks near Thunder Bay, as we began our research and discussion on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Service in ON and left off before getting into the nitty gritty of the filters involved.  “In operation, oil enters the oil filter through a series of small holes on the outer edge of the base flange. The oil is then directed through the filter, eventually making an exit into the engine through the large center hole. Most modern oil filters are equipped with an anti-drainback valve.”

Typically this valve is a membrane of rubber that covers the outer holes in the base flange and the membrane is pushed to the side as oil enters the filter case.  According to our research on behalf of your GMC Truck Service in Thunder Bay, the following is true, “When the engine is not running, the rubber membrane covers the holes. Obviously, the anti-drainback valves maintain oil within the filter. In turn, they prevent engine dry starts (when the engine is started with no oil).”

Interestingly enough, oil filters have changed for GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON over the years and the early ones were totally based on a replaceable element that was housed inside a metal concoction.  We read online that “When changing the filter, one removed the housing, discarded the element, cleaned the housing, added a new filter and re-installed the assembly to the engine. By the mid-20th century, spin-on filters gained popularity. Here, the filter element and the cartridge are self-contained.”  From what we have read in our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Dealer in Canada, you can easily remove the whole shebang now and throw it away, then screw on a new filter when changing the oil.

Buick Cars are Not Race Cars

oil filterOlder oil filters, according to our Buick Car Service Center in Thunder Bay ON, were a bit more involved when it came to replacement, you had to retain part of the set up and put the new filter inside.  Despite the evolution of the whole throw away Buick Car oil filter, there exists a move back to the old school ways, according to our recent Thunder Bay Buick Car Service research.  “Today, there’s been a move back to the earlier oil filter design. In this system, oil is filtered through an element contained within a separate housing, because the replaceable filter element may be more environmentally conscious than a spin-on filter. Keep in mind that today’s motor vehicles require far fewer oil changes than those of yesteryear.”

There are many different types of oil filters available today for your Buick Cars in Canada, as well as many other makes and models of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs all over the world.  “Also, there are likely an equally large number of tests in which various filters are cut apart and diagnosed. The truth is, all oil filters are not created equal. The bottom line: You usually get what you pay for.”  So, much of our oil filter research done on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Canada was to determine if there actually is a quality difference in the filters and the answer is definitely yes.

To decide which one is best for your Thunder Bay Buick Car, you have to decide the process and missions for the car itself.  A Buick Car will never be a race car.  You can safely move past that aisle.  If you were driving a race car, the following would be true, “Case-in-point is a race car. Here is something that will seldom, if ever, experience cold starts (in many cases, the oil is warmed prior to starting). Oil is changed frequently, simply because the engines are inspected and regularly disassembled. Oil in race car engines was once far thicker than that found in passenger cars, but today it’s just the opposite. Racers have discovered the benefits of light oil.”