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Highlights of the Buick Envision in Thunder Bay

We return today to discuss the Buick Envision in the Thunder Bay Buick Car lineup in Ontario.  When researching these new Buick cars, we found refinement in its finest, as this year’s offering include design cues that you will truly enjoy, responsive performance enhancements and intelligent technology that expands on the Buick Envision cars’ growing popularity.  We want to elaborate, now, on the 2019 Buick Envision in Thunder Bay, so that you will have a clear picture of what is on the way.

Featuring a newly sculpted front and rear, the 2019 Buick Envision also has a signature grille and new wheel choices. With a focus on quality and safety, the design and engineering teams also welcomed input from current Buick Envision car owners and drivers in an effort to enhance these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay.  Listening to the customer is almost always a positive way to go.

“Some of the 2019 Envision’s most notable changes are the results of listening to our customers,” said Elizabeth Pilibosian, Envision chief engineer. “Beneath the updated exterior are a number of changes guided by a goal of offering the most refined and pleasant driving experience possible.”  We want to list Thunder Bay Buick Car highlights below, as they pertain to this new Buick Envision in Canada as we found in or most recent online research regarding the new Buick car in Thunder Bay ON:

  • New nine-speed automatic transmission for 2.0L turbo models.
  • 0L turbo engine offers increased vehicle performance of 252 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The engine and transmission updates produce 0-60 mph acceleration just under a half-second quicker than the 2018 model.
  • Engine stop/start deactivation switch – a Buick first in North America.
  • Single rate brake booster for improved overall brake performance that requires less effort.
  • Flexibility to switch between Adaptive Cruise Control and conventional Cruise Control.
  • Enhanced visibility on Rear Vision Camera.
  • Improved hands-free microphone for better call quality and better voice recognition.
  • The seat heating system warms up quicker than on the previous model year.
  • Next-generation wireless charging with more power for fast and efficient charging including iPhone8/iPhoneX compatibility.
  • Lighting upgrades across all trims: HID headlights standard on 2.5L models, bi-functional LED headlamps on 2.0L turbo models and LED wing signature lights on every model.
  • In-vehicle air ionizer that helps eliminate odours, reduce bacteria and provide better air quality.


GMC Trucks Made With Care and Craftsmanship

craftsmanshipWe recently set out to elaborate on the GMC Terrain in Thunder Bay ON and found that these SUVs are similar to a football in that aerodynamics play a key role throughout.  The idea was captured from the GMC website in Canada, but was such a great way of illustrating some of the best new features in this lineup of new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, that we decided to mix it up a bit and include the same idea here for our GMC Truck customers in Canada.  “What do a football and an SUV have in common? Both rely on exceptional aerodynamics to perform to their fullest, and the GMC Terrain and Wilson leather NFL game footballs are perfect examples. “

Those responsible for testing out these new GMC Terrain SUVs, were on top of their game, as engineers clocked more than 300 hours in the wind tunnel to refine every surface of the Terrain, from the front grille to the rear spoiler. Here is what they had to say about these new SUVS for sale at your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer, “Reducing the aerodynamic drag of an SUV is always a challenge,” said GMC Aerodynamic Engineer Alicia Bidwell. “Our engineering team paid attention to even the smallest details to deliver the size and cargo space our customers want.”

Also worth pointing out and explaining further is the lifted nature of these new GMC Terrain SUVs and what was done to combat the negative effects of such a situation.  “The Terrain’s lifted stance means that more air can flow under the vehicle and pressurize the chassis components, which increases aerodynamic drag. To reduce this drag and optimize aero performance, Terrain aerodynamicists used testing and simulation to craft features that effectively guide air to the back of the vehicle.”  Attention to the finer points and details along the way is nothing new when it comes to GMC Truck design, so most of us are not surprised at all, still it is good to know that your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay evolved out of so much care and craftsmanship.

Diving Into Depth With the Buick Verano

deep divePerusing the internet and thinking back to all of the Buick cars that we have covered here in depth, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick car sales and service in Canada, it occurs to me that it has been awhile since the Buick Verano has been in the spotlight.  So, today, we refocus our eyes on this luscious little compact four-door sedan, for sale in Canada.  The Buick Verano in Thunder Bay provides a surprisingly stylish blend of technology and performance for its segment – borrowing from Buick’s higher-priced models for some of its awesome features, the Buick Veran is privy to QuietTuning (cabin noise reduction), OnStar with 4G and Wi-Fi hotspot, IntelliLink system and many other premium details.

When you set your sights on the Thunder Bay Buick Verano, you have your choice of five different models.  They are as follows:  the base Verano, Convenience 1, Convenience 2, Leather and Turbo. We plan to cover, here in this post, what each of the above versions of the Thunder Bay Buick Verano will offer you as a Buick car driver.  “Starting with the Convenience group, side blind zone alert and numerous other crash-avoidance technologies are standard safety features. The Verano is equipped with a choice of two four-cylinders: a standard Ecotec 2.4-litre and an available Ecotec 2.0-litre turbo. The 180-horsepower 2.4-litre comes with direct-injection, dual-overhead camshafts and variable valve timing. The performance-oriented Ecotec 2.0-litre turbo delivers 250 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque, providing on-demand power comparable to a V6, but with greater fuel efficiency. A six-speed automatic transmission with Driver Shift Control is standard for both; a six-speed manual is available with the turbo engine.”

Stay tuned for more information in the posts to follow, regarding the expected longevity and future existence of these Buick Verano. As it has been recently reported that they are in jeopardy.  “According to an Automotive News report, two sources within General Motors say the Verano won’t be renewed for another generation in the U.S.  This is despite the fact that on sale in China now is the second generation Buick Verano.  Only time will tell whether or not these cares will remain.

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