1970Writing today on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Cars Dealer in Canada, we come across an oldie but goodie in the world of Buick Cars in Thunder Bay.   Let’s slide all the way back to the 1970’s, shall we?  “General Motors surrendered itself to temptation in 1970 and lifted its 400-cid limit on intermediate models. That unleashed some of the quickest automobiles ever to come out of Detroit.”  In the Buick Car category, the 1970 Buick GSX was among them, doing its part to make this the pinnacle year for American muscle cars and making way for these Buick cars to eventually be sold and popular in Canada and other countries as well.

At the forefront of the rush to power amongst all of the car companies was none other than Buick cars.  Its performance offering was again based on the midsize Skylark, which got fresh styling that added two inches of body length on an unchanged wheelbase for the 1970 model and was amongst some of the most sought after Buick cars in Thunder Bay as well as most anywhere that sold Buick Cars.  “Replacing the GS 400 and its 400-cid V-8 was the GS 455, named for its new 455-cid V-8.”

Under the hood, the new set up for the Thunder Bay Buick cars, offered not only advantages of displacement, but had bigger valves, better heads, and a hotter camshaft, and its rating came in at 350 bhp. Its prodigious 510 lb-ft of torque (at a subterranean 2800 rpm) was exceeded among production cars only by Cadillac’s 474- and 500-cid V-8s, no one else’s new cars even came close back then.  Back then it was standard for these cars to get functional hood scoops, GS models that is.  These went along with dual air-cleaner intakes.