2017Just recently, in Canada, the Buick Cars lineup added a new creature for 2016.  “Buick today introduced the new 2017 Encore, strengthening the appeal of America’s most popular small SUV with more refined styling and new connectivity technology – including available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.”  This new addition to the Buick Cars Thunder Bay ON lineup is one that we are particularly enthused about given the segment’s popularity here in Canada.  The quality that they added to these new Buick Encore is far surpassing the added technology which is also highly anticipated, as these new Buick Cars have more in the way of looks, design and style as well.

Here is the proof of such advancement, “A new front-end appearance and a new premium interior highlight the visual refinements, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported by a next-generation IntelliLink system featuring an 8-inch-diagonal color touch screen”.  Also on the feature front page for these new Buick Cars in Thunder Bay are the following:  Push-button start, keyless unlock via the exterior door handles and an 8-inch color touchscreen… all of which are highlights and additions to the standard feature list for this new Buick Car in Thunder Bay.

Here is a bit of information directly from the manufacturer, worth sharing here on behalf of your Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay, “The Buick Encore created the premium small SUV segment and remains the top choice for customers seeking premium features and dependability coupled with timeless design,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Buick Sales, Service and Marketing. “In a rapidly evolving segment, the Encore continues to lead with smart, purposeful updates and a new level of technology-infused elegance and refinement.”  You can easily determine whether or not you agree with this assessment by dropping by your local new and used Buick Car Dealership and taking a new Buick Encore out for a spin today.