park assistFront and Rear Ultrasonic Parking Assist can help drivers avoid certain objects in their path during low-speed parking and many prefer the option, now available on the new Buick car lineup in Thunder Bay, just as an extra safety precaution when attempting to park in difficult spaces. Front and Rear Parking Assist may not detect all objects, such as pedestrians or objects below the bumper. For this reason alone, drivers should remember to always check the area around the vehicle before moving forward or backing up.  This is common sense, but with all of the latest and greatest technology bombarding us left and right in this world, namely the automobile world, it can be easy to let your guard down and end up in a disastrous scenario.

The feature uses multiple ultrasonic sensors located on both the front and rear bumpers, in order to operate on new Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON.  “When moving below five miles per hour (or eight kilometers per hour), the sensors may detect objects up to eight feet (2.4 m) behind the vehicle and up to four feet (1.2 m) in front of the vehicle.”

In Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay ON, which possess this parking feature, when an object is first detected while backing up in reverse gear, Rear Parking Assist emits beeps through the rear speakers, or, if the vehicle is equipped with the Safety Alert Seat, the seat pulses two times.  “As the vehicle gets closer to the detected object, distance-to-object information may be displayed, which will change from yellow to amber to red. On some vehicles, the time between beeps may get shorter as the vehicle approaches the detected object.”  Then, when an object is within two feet (0.6 m) of the bumper, five repeating beeps are played from the rear speakers, or, if the vehicle is equipped with the Safety Alert Seat, it pulses five times on both sides, this continues and develops into a continuous tone from the rear speakers once it gets within .3m of the new Buick car in Thunder Bay.