car hazard lightsYour Buick Cars Dealership in Thunder Bay has been sharing new information regarding upcoming new car features that are available to some brands of new cars now, and soon will spread out to many other new cars on today’s market.  The features being discussed and highlighted here are super convenient to have and sort of uncommon at the present time.

Bridgestone is a tire manufacturer that most all people have heard of and they are at the center of some of these features we are discussing.  They are making, or attempting to offer into the market, tires that are without air.  Given that most all new and used Buick Car drivers fail to check the air pressure in their tires the way that they should, one answer is to produce a tire that does not need any.  So, this is one of our unique and interesting new Buick Car features that is on the horizon.

Another tire related advancement involves, not a tire without the need for air, but one that is easy to fill.  Edmunds recently discussed this particular upcoming feature and said the following as it pertains to tires, “While we may be a ways off from the ‘airless tire,’ some manufacturers have come up with a technology to make it easier to maintain the tires that actually do need air. The Easy-Fill Tire Alert system is a convenient alternative to the inaccurate, or sometimes nonexistent, tire pressure gauges at gas stations.”  According to your new and used Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay, the feature works by indicating to the driver, upon connection of an air hose to the tire, that the air has begun to flow, it indicates this by the hazards flashing on and off.  Then, when the tire reaches the right amount of pressure on your Buick Car tires, the horn will lightly go off.  Then, if the driver doesn’t disconnect as indicated, the horn will continue to warn that the tire pressure is about to exceed the max amount of psi recommended.