Vector best choice award.Whether you are looking for a new car or a used car, it is always best to do your research.  Even when shopping for used cars, there are things you can research in order to determine the best model year to keep your eye out for.  There are a multitude of resources online that you can seek out in order to find all of the answers to any questions that you might have regarding making this very important decision.  You may first decide to ask around to your friends and family through places like social media.  Posing a simple question to the public can sometimes get you more information that you dreamed possible about the vehicles that you might want to be looking at more closely.  There are also many places where you can find helpful reviews online.  There is always an important component of online reviews to keep in mind though, and that is that the average person will tend to place a review if they are really upset and not as many will take the time to review if they are really happy.  So, it is important to read any negative reviews you come across with some caution.  They are still important to factor into the equation, but not necessarily a means to base your entire decision on a new or used car purchase.  For many people, they want to know what the experts in the field have to say, and to determine this, many times you can look at the list of awards that different makes and models receive over the years.  Having top ratings in safety and being ranked high for all of the areas that are the most important to you could be the best judge in what type of vehicle you should buy.

Here is a list of ranking awards for you if you are shopping or considering purchasing a Buick car in Thunder Bay!  In this list, you will find the Canadian awards presented to Buick cars from the years 2009-2014, so this should give you a great place to begin your search in the best year, make and model of car available in your area.  Once you know what you desire in a new or used Buick car, contact Dominion Motors and we will be happy to help you find the best match!