belts and hosesWriting on behalf of your service team and car dealer representatives at Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay, we hope that the following information can be helpful for those who wish to know a little bit more about their Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON.  Belts and hoses are what we will focus on in the following article, as these parts often take a backseat on stage, but really are imperative to our new and used cars proper functioning.  The Pep Boys put it like this, “Belts and hoses are like the unsung hero of your engine’s team. They might not be the star of the show, but if something goes wrong with them, your engine won’t run.”

One scary thing about belts and hoses, according to your Dominion Motors Buick Cars Service, is that they are often times symptomless when it comes to signaling that they need attention.  “These parts don’t often offer direct signs something is wrong, so it’s important to perform visual checks, listen for unusual sounds…”  Most important of all, you need to take your Buick Cars into the service department and have the belts and hoses inspected at particular intervals to make sure that if they need replacing, it is done before an issue takes place and leaves you stranded.

There are several types of hoses your vehicle’s engine needs to run properly, and for your information we have listed them here:  top radiator hose, bottom radiator hose, bypass hose and a heater hose.  Things you should look for if and when you choose to inspect your new and used Buick Cars for hose viability on your own are as follows:
cracked or broken hoses, hardened or lost flexibility, bulged or swollen hoses, or signs of leaks are present.  Stay tuned for future posts here, covering Buick Cars Service in Thunder Bay where we will discuss the types of belts and what to look for during your self inspection.