demandWith the addition of the Buick Regal Avenir, we have plenty of new information to pass your way regarding Buick cars in Thunder Bay Canada. The Buick Regal will be the fourth new Buick car globally to get an Avenir trim in less than a year — the momentum behind Buick’s highest expression of luxury continues to grow, as the popularity is extensive amongst their customers. Since its introduction last fall, The Buick Enclave Avenir has set the incredibly fast pace for the Avenir Buick car trim, selling faster than all other Buick Enclave trims at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer and comprising over 30 percent of total Enclave sales in Canada. A similar story is unfolding for the new Buick LaCrosse, where Avenir is selling faster than other trim levels.  Clearly the trim is one to be reckoned with and should continue to pick up the pace with each and every Buick car model in Thunder Bay.

“Customers continue to signal that they want more from Buick, and Avenir sales are exceeding our expectations,” said Mark Alger, national marketing manager, Buick in Canada. “Buick customers value the exclusive styling and premium features Avenir provides and we are excited to extend the highest expression of luxury to Regal.”

There are other trims being replaced as favorites by the consumers who are flocking towards the Avenir.  “More Regal Sportback buyers are choosing the top trim level than ever, and within the midsize car segment demand is growing for more premium vehicles. Over the past four years, demand has risen over 80 percent for midsize cars priced from $30,000 to $40,000…”  This particular trend clearly reflects the increasing customer demand for more luxury, convenience and safety without compromising overall value.  Stay tuned here where we will soon cover even more details about other Buick car trim levels for sale in Thunder Bay Ontario.