moreAt your Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay ON, they sell not only new and used Buick Cars, but also GMC Trucks and so we talk today about the uprising of new trucks when it comes to their list of features and their height in prices.  “With no apparent limit to demand or a ceiling for a top-end price, it’s not surprising to see automakers continuing to pursue more sales with ever more luxurious trucks.” Car Dealers, such as your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Canada, stand to gain quite a lot given the traditional profit margin that exists in trucks today.  American dealers would easily see a minimum of 10 grand per new truck and that is for an average truck, not a high end variety.

Scott, one of the experts quoted in the previous post on the same subject, here on behalf of your Buick Car Dealership in Canada near Thunder Bay, “acknowledged that it doesn’t cost much, in terms of product development or engineering, to pick out higher quality materials and tech features and add them to the already existing manufacturing process.”  So, why would automakers shy away from having the attitude that the sky is the limit?  Well, the answer is they wouldn’t.

But, there are a few factors to consider while going up, up, up.  We now that people who love trucks, such as the GMC Trucks for sale at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer, also love lots of features and those looking at luxury in a truck, likely have a rather unlimited budget under which to operate.  “Still, Ram CEO Bob Hegbloom said automakers must be careful. The trucks have to exude both toughness and quality.”  You cannot just bump up the price and not allow for the luxury either.  What exactly do we consider a luxury pickup truck, anyway? ”Depending on who you talk to, luxury pickups are defined as a pickup truck that costs either more than $40,000 or more than $50,000.  Some take issue with the term luxury truck, saying the truck owners seek to maintain the tough image a pickup projects.”