questionsWill GM control Opel?  This is a question that concerns the Buick Car Dealers and world of Buick cars in Canada and the US.  The answer is outlined in the following details, found online in our recent research on behalf of you Buick Car Dealership in Canada, “Though GM will no longer control Opel, Buick will remain a client rather than overlord. The 2018 Regal will go into production September first in Russelsheim, as scheduled, and, according to Buick global VP Duncan Aldred, the Opel ownership transfer “will have no impact on fresh new models that are developing now.”  Of course, we are referring to Buick Car models, that

This is a good time to transition in to the new Buick Regal which will be offered in two body styles, a four-door hatchback sedan and a four-door wagon. Both are new to the Buick Regal lineup in Thunder Bay Canada and in the US as well, which at present entails a conventional front-drive sedan. Like the current Buick Regal cars, both are basically front-drive, and both are midsize categories of vehicle. However, hatchback sedans are rare in the U.S., and there hasn’t been a wagon in the Buick lineup ever since the last Roadmaster went out of production in 1996. Also, remember, they aren’t called wagons anymore.

Here is what one writer online has to say, according to the recent research we did on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Canada, “During a backgrounder preceding the five-door Regal’s New York debut, Mark Reuss, GM’s global product development vice president, used the term crossover, an allusion meant to exploit the popularity of this hot-selling class.”  We think that might be a bit of a stretch and we aren’t the only ones, as many online articles commented in agreement.  Regardless of an extra inch of static ride height versus the sedan, the Regal TourX—the actual name of this Buick Car—is pretty clearly a wagon, similar in size and concept to the new Volvo V90 Cross Country.  Of course, you can and should be the judge for yourself.  Swing by your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer and get more info today.