tire repair

At your Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay, we offer a certified service department for all of your new and used car, truck and SUV needs.  One of the routine categories of care that all Buick cars need attention with, are tires.  In the next few posts, we will cover tire tread information that pertains to you as a Buick Car owner and attempt to give you some valuable advice to help minimize excess tread wear in your Buick Cars in Thunder Bay.

“As tires are used, it is normal for the tread to gradually become shallower and overall tire performance to change. In addition, irregular tread wear may occur for a variety of reasons that may lead you to have to replace a tire sooner rather than later.”  So, as with anything that is recommended on a regular schedule for your new and used cars, truck and SUVs, by sticking to a schedule, you can not only maintain whatever it is you are looking at, in this case tires, but also keep abreast of other issues that would not be seen otherwise.  “Regularly checking the tread depth and wear condition of each tire on your vehicle will not only let you know when it is time to replace a tire, it can also help you detect other needed maintenance and get the most value out of your vehicle and tires.”

Some may wonder just why it matters how worn your tires are?  Is it simply a comfort issue?  No, but that does play a role.  In order to get the least noise and most comfort in your ride, the less wear your tires possess, the better.  There is a safety concern, also, when your tire treads on your used Buick Cars in Thunder Bay become too worn.  “Too little tire tread can create unsafe driving conditions. When tires can’t grip the road, a driver may lose control of his or her vehicle. When roads are wet or snowy, tire tread depth is very important. Anytime precipitation gets between your tires and the road, you need the tread to cut through it and maintain as much contact with the road surface as possible. The more shallow your tread, the more easily you may lose traction when driving in the wet or snow; reducing speed in those conditions helps you maintain grip.”  So, in order to ensure the proper tread, all you need to is visit your certified Buick Car Dealer Service center in Thunder Bay on a regular basis and have your tires checked out.