software updateWhen it comes to Buick Cars in Canada and finding the latest news and information, the Edmonton Sun has much to offer.  We research a variety of pertinent new and used Buick Car subjects and this is one of the main sources of information from which we pull.  Most recently covering the electronics of new Buick cars, we look into the service requirements of many new and used cars on the market today and a few things about which to be aware.  “Many of us know by now that the average auto contains multiple computers and more lines of code than the first space station. For the most part they operate reliably and with little upkeep, but just like our smartphones, tablets, lap and desktops, they can work better with software updates. But how do we know when updates become available and whether or not it’s worth getting done? And who pays for it?”

Typically, an update isn’t recommended on your Buick car from Thunder Bay unless a problem has been detected or at least reported by the car dealers who sell these new Buick cars, or the consumers who drive them.  “If you’re a tech-head auto technician you can spend a lot of time reviewing manufacturer bulletins covering vehicle computer software updates. For the most part they’re usually created to address specific problems that have been reported by consumers, dealership techs, or during manufacturers’ evaluations.”  And so, they aren’t quite as random and maddening as they sometimes may seem.

Often they can be innocuous little things that can still make a very big difference, such as improving the HVAC temperature control response or making radio station seek and search features work more smoothly. It is wise to not blow these Thunder Bay Buick Car updates off as a hoax since they can often times be about safety or much more important things that the temp controls that will only affect comfort.  “But sometimes they can involve critical safety systems such as and the updates required to avoid unintended acceleration or anti-lock brake failures.”  The big point here is that you will likely not know the details ahead of time, as least not to the fullest, since, unfortunately, most carmakers provide few details to even their own dealership techs about the recommended updates to the new and used Buick Car lineup.