clean fuelOf all the Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON, the ones with eAssist, according to green car reports, have been some of the most efficient and sought after cars at the dealerships who sell them.  A couple years back, after this technology first made its debut, the following was said, “The eAssist system may have entered production less than a year ago, but General Motors is clearly making a big bet on the mild hybrid system to help its Buick brand meet rising fuel economy regulations.”

It was initially offered on the 2012 Buick Cars in the Buick LaCrosse lineup.  “First offered on the base 2.4-liter engine in the 2012 Buick Lacrosse, the eAssist system was optional on the smaller 2012 Buick Regal.”  Then, in 2013, it took the place of the direct injection engine of 2.4 liters in the Buick Cars in the Buick Regal family, according to your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Canada.  Back in 2013, when the above replacement took place, these Buick cars went all the way to 25 mpg in the city and 36 on the highway, with a 29 mpg rating combined.  This makes it the very same as the much larger Lacrosse with the same engine back in the day.

According to green car reports, “That improves on the previous year’s base Regal, with the direct-injected 2.4-liter four, which was rated at 19 mpg city, 31 mpg highway, for a combined rating of 23 mpg.  (There’s also a turbocharged 2.0-liter four, offered in a 240-hp version in the Regal Turbo and a 270-hp output in the Regal GS. Both are rated at 22 mpg.)”  The main point in this article is to say that new technology that may seem sketchy when it first arrives is typically well worth the attempt.  When it comes to new Buick cars, for example, the new innovations that lead to improvements are well-thought out and don’t make it to production without pretty safe bet that they will result in overall performance increase.  Check out all that Buick cars have to offer in Canada at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer today.