service centerThe warranties that you can get on a new Buick car, or any of the new cars for sale in Thunder Bay can be less than lucid at first.  If you are doing research on new and used cars, such as the Buick Cars for sale in Thunder Bay, then you may want to spend at least equal time researching the warranties that come on the new cars that you are interested in purchasing from your local Buick Car Dealership as well, in addition to the service center that the dealer has to offer.  At your Dominion Motors, for example, you will be dealing with a car dealer that has a full service auto repair center as well as all that you need to successful purchase and finance a new Buick car in Canada.

Warranties that come on our vehicles will vary, but most come with at least two and some have roadside assistance as well.  When you are shopping new cars you will find this to be pretty standard and that hybrid and electric cars actually add a third coverage for their batteries as well.  According to Edmunds, “Here are the major types of warranties and assistance programs provided to consumers.  Basic Warranty: A basic automobile warranty covers everything except items subject to wear and tear, such as oil filters and wiper blades. Tires and batteries often have their own warranty coverage, which will be outlined in your owner’s manual. Emissions equipment is required by the federal government to be covered for two years or 24,000 miles and eight years and 80,000 miles on certain components.”

A drivetrain warranty is usually the second warranty offered on new Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON and it handles most all moving parts on the new Buick car.  This includes the engine, transmission, drive shaft and axles.  Wear and tear is not included here either.  Come see someone at our Thunder Bay Buick Cars Service Center and find out more today.