directionsBuick cars are the ones we talk about today and we want to concentrate on sales numbers and the massive success they have shown over the recent days.  “Buick delivered nearly 1.2 million vehicles in China, the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2014, marking the second consecutive sales record for the most Buicks sold in a single year in the brand’s 111-year history.”  Moving to the current model years and the new Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay ON, we see that they have increased both globally and in Canada and the US for Buick Car sales.

Some of the actual numbers are as follows and totally prove their sales success, “Strong growth in both China and North America resulted in global sales of 1,170,115 units, up 13.4 percent over 2013.”  China showed a 13.5 percent sales gain, while the U.S. depicted an 11.4 percent sales increase. Canada also saw strong increases in sales of their Buick cars at your local Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership.  They reported a 31 percent increase this year.  Interestingly enough, many of these sales are being derived from new Buick Car owners and fans.  There was a report that confirms 42% of the new owners are entirely new to Buick Cars.

Buick Cars are not the only category to see an increase in sales, however.  We found, in our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer that Buick experienced strong global growth in both crossovers and sedans from a product lineup that is among the freshest in the industry and the strongest the brand has ever featured, according to many different reviews online who all agree to one thing…things have been and still are looking up and heading in the right direction for Buick cars.