great content thumb's upOf all the Buick cars for sale in Canada, the Buick Verano is one of the coolest, most original species we can find in Thunder Bay, or really, in all of Canada.  The pricing is such that these new Buick cars really offer an excellent luxury alternative to many of the more expensive compact sedans on the marketplace with fewer luxury features, more premium names and more cost to go along with those names.

The Buick cars in the sales department of your new and used Buick Verano dealership of Ontario are based on the same platform architecture as the Chevy Cruze, believe it or not.  Many people have an instant love of these Buick cars that stems from the fact they are not at all “flashy” like many other new cars on the luxury compact sedan front.  The outside of these new Buick cars are high quality and loaded with style.  One would be correct in assessing them as upscale.  However, the character and demeanor that these new Buick cars exude is nothing if not reserved in nature.

Moving ever so slightly into the inside of these Buick cars at your Dominion Motors Dealer in Thunder Bay, one will find the same low key character spilling over here, with extremely high quality of craftsmanship when it comes to the interior features and long list of luxury standards you will receive in the mix of these new Buick cars at your local certified car dealer in Canada.  There really isn’t much in the way of discrepancy when it comes to expert and layman opinions alike on these new Buick cars.  Everyone speaks highly of them, calling them a cut above the rest.  See if you agree…stop by our Dominion Motors Buick cars dealer today and take a Buick Verano out for a spin!