are here to discuss the 2015 Buick Encore, currently for sale at your new Buick cars dealership in Canada.  These new cars have been a surprise to the car dealerships who sell them, as well as to GM themselves.  You see, they were never expected to be nearly as successful as they have become.  Here is what one recent article had to say, “The Buick Encore has been a surprise success for GM, so naturally the solution to fuel that success is to add more power.”

Automotive News and other very reliable sources claim that these Buick cars will eventually gain even more power than ever before.  Currently, these Buick cars are powered by small gasoline engines or diesel four cylinders.  At your local new and used Buick cars dealer, the most powerful choice a consumer would have in a Buick Encore is a 1.4 liter turbo with 138 horses.  And so, considering this is on the lower end of the spectrum compared with the crossovers with which they compete, Buick is working to change that.

Interestingly enough, consumers of Buick cars don’t seem to mind the lower available power, considering these new cars have, as mentioned previously, enjoyed loads of success despite the fact.  However, Buick cars designers agree that in order to justify the higher price they ask in their class, an increase in power is in order.  Until this day comes, however, the good news for Buick cars and the car dealerships in Canada who sell them is as follows, “U.S. Buick dealers are clamoring to get their hands on more Encores to sell. Sales have exceeded industry expectations by roughly double and GM will boost production by 50 percent, it told dealers in January. The Encore is currently the third best-selling Buick in the U.S.”