global effortsBuick cars have an announcement in Canada that just recently came over the wire. “GM Canada president and managing director Steve Carlisle announced today that GM’s Canadian Engineering Centre is growing into an innovation hub for the ‘connected car’ and green technologies, two areas of growing importance for automotive customers and the future of the auto sector.” There is no denying that this is big news for Buick cars and the new and used car dealers who sell them. Here at your Canadian Buick car dealership in Thunder Bay, we know just how important it is to stay on top of the technology of the future. That’s why we are so happy to be a part of this ecofriendly movement in new Buick cars and trucks of Ontario.

This announcement means that new jobs will be available too. “The Oshawa-based centre is now hiring for the addition of more than 100 software and controls engineers to support a new mandate related to ‘connected car’ systems, environmental and urban mobility solutions.” The Buick cars in the sales department of each of your new Buick car dealers are responsible for a bigger picture, a revenue building one, as GM Canada actually manages a large value of research and development work each and every year. (approx. $190 million to be exact) This revenue is generated and used to benefit leading suppliers and universities in Canada.

The goal of all of this research and job creation is to lead towards an end result of contribution to the world of new car connectivity and sustainable efforts to the environment as a whole. GM isn’t alone in their efforts and they aren’t only doing things with Buick cars in Canada either. The United States has been working towards these same goals for some time now, along with other parts of the world. Let’s just say that they are joining a global effort to help the earth. It really is that simple.