futureDid you know that within the Buick Car lineup there is an upcoming possibility of a Thunder Bay Buick Car in the Verano series that can’t run on electricity alone but instead gets a boost when needed under acceleration or on inclines, while the motor/generator recovers energy that’s normally lost? According to the supplier graphic, the hybridized Verano will get its gas power from a 2.5-liter four cylinder engine and we are anxious to see what these Buick Cars in Canada actually look like under the hood, as well as how they feel behind the wheel.

Buick mentioned a 2.0 liter engine before and has actually promised that in the turbo engine category.  This is another thing Buick Car followers will be on the edge of their seats over.  “As for the aforementioned 2.0-liter turbo engine that Buick had promised, we have confirmation that it will appear next fall, although our sources were mum on the specifics. It’s not clear which tune of the engine the Verano will get, although the Regal Turbo’s 220-hp version seems likely. It’s also unknown whether the model will in fact be called Verano GS.”

Also up for discussion, according to our inside information found on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Sales and Service, is a possible “Buick-badged Volt spin-off”.  A car in this realm would be the Chevy Volt to the Buick Car Cruze, except they would be offering a different package for the Voltec range-extended electric system. Sources say, “GM could charge more for it than it does for the $40K Volt, but not as much as for Cadillac’s upcoming range extender, the ELR, which will likely cost more than $60K when it arrives sometime mid-decade.”