auto parkingHere at your New and Used Buick Cars Dealership in Thunder Bay, we always do our best to keep our customers on top of the latest and most exciting news and information as it pertains to the world of automobiles.  In the following few posts, we have some exciting new technology to share with you.  These things are not necessarily present in Buick Cars at this point, nor are they abilities shared by many cars as of yet.  However, we felt that they have merit and are, therefore, worth mentioning to our new Buick Cars customers in Thunder Bay ON.

Piloted Parking is one such, cool feature that hasn’t made its way too far as of yet, but that we think, at your new Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay, that someday it will.  “Here’s how it works. You drive your car to a specially designated car lot, leave the car at a drop-off area, choose an open space with a smartphone app and then let the car do all the work.  From there, the vehicle uses its Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) cameras to navigate the lot and park itself in the pre-determined space. Once you’re finished shopping, you enter a command in the smartphone app, asking for the car to meet you at the drop-off area.”

So, obviously this feature requires acceptance and ownership of a self driving car and the right parking lot equipped to handle such new cars, with laser sensors that can detect and record the cars movements.  We have a handful of other new features that we found in our research here at your new and used Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay, all of them have one main theme in common and that is the introduction and slow progression of autonomous driving vehicles which is said to be something that will make its way in the next 10 years.  Stay tuned to the next couple posts for more high tech feature coverage.