want moreOf all the Buick Cars for sale at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Canada, the 2018 LaCrosse may just be the one that generates the most buzz.  It is an icon of sorts, as it represents Buick Cars of the future.  One popular review site puts it nicely in the following statement regarding these Buick Cars in ON, “Buick has been trying for years to re-establish itself as a luxury brand, and the 2018 LaCrosse represents a solid step toward reaching that goal. Though it certainly delivers for shoppers simply seeking a larger, more comfortable and more refined car than what is offered in the midsize sedan segment, this big Buick transcends its typical large sedan competitors by staking a legitimate claim to luxury status.”

In what ways do these Buick cars in Canada accomplish luxury like status, you may wonder?  It all starts with the presence of a nicely crafted cabin.  These Buick Cars go on to supply attractive styling and sophisticated driving manners, making these new Buick Cars in Thunder Bay genuine competitors with cars from Lexus and Lincoln alike. In other words, this is so not Grandma’s old Buick car…not by a long shot.

More information from our number one review site and source of information, Edmunds, “For 2018, Buick has diversified the LaCrosse’s lineup with a new base engine that puts an emphasis on fuel economy. Called eAssist, this mild hybrid system subtly helps the four-cylinder engine return a Buick-estimated 35 mpg highway. It’s important to note that the eAssist is not a full hybrid like those offered by several of the LaCrosse’s key competitors. However, it is cheaper than those competitors, and it’s really best to think of the eAssist as simply a fuel-economy-focused base engine.”  The engine choices for these new Buick Cars will be discussed at greater length in our next post here on behalf of your Thunder Bay ON Buick Car Dealership.