A+ appleWe are concluding a series of articles on the new Buick cars in the Verano family this year, for sale at your local Dominion Motors Car Dealership in Thunder Bay ON.  We already discussed in the first two segments, all the qualities that make the Buick Verano such an impactful and well-liked new car.  The luxury factor is a biggie, especially given that it is an unassuming reality with these cars.  They are a very unique combination of fuel efficient (to go along with their compact size) and feature-full to say the least (as a result of their luxury status).  What else do we need to talk about when it comes to these new Buick cars?

Engine options are good to discuss so that you will have a general working knowledge of what your Thunder Bay Buick cars dealer will be able to offer you in the full lineup of these Buick Verano cars.  “A standard 180-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine powers most versions of the Buick Verano, and it provides adequate performance and reasonable fuel economy.”  If you seek more in the way of drastic pep, you can go to the Verano Turbo in these new Buick cars.   This will land you with a turbocharged 250-hp four-cylinder.  It has been called a game changer in the world of the small sedan.  Also, going with this particular version of these Buick cars also lets you opt for a six speed manual transmission if you so desire.

Some of the rivals to this new and awesome Buick car would be the Acura, Audi and Mercedes, all of which offer a new car for sale in Thunder Bay that might closely rival the Buick cars in the Verano family.  However, none of them really match up when it comes to the overall performance, including efficiency, of the Buick Verano at Dominion Motors.  And if value and price are in your vocabulary, then the Buick Verano is the only way for you to go.