When searching for the best car to buy, do you ever ask about the warranties and coverage that is included? Most auto companies do offer some type of warranty and service coverage for their cars and trucks.  Your sales staff should be able to answer all of your questions on warranties.  Certified pre-owned cars also may have warranties.  They however may not be quite as long as that of a new car, but it’s still more than you would get just buying off another person.

Buick has one of the best lineups for luxury cars at a great price.  With three different sized sedans and two SUV’s, Buick has a car for just about everyone.  OnStar comes standard on all Buicks with free service for the first 6 months.  What is great about this is the road side assistance.  Flat tire, run off the road due to ice, or even if you lock your keys in the car, OnStar is there for you.  It’s an incredible safety feature.  It knows if you care in an accident and can notify the emergency personnel.

Oil changes on the Buick are included up until two years or 40,000 KM.  This is a great saving and convenience for you. As a former sales rep, I quickly used up all my free oil changes on my Regal.  I continued to take my car to my Buick Cars dealer in Ontario because the service team was so welcoming and knowledgeable.  They always made me feel like I was their favorite customer and always tried to accommodate me as much as they could.

Buick also includes a four year or 80,000 KM bumper to bumper warranty and a six year or 110,000 KM powertrain warranty.  So when you are out looking for a new car, remember Buick and its great lineup.  Buick is a company that is going to take care of you after you leave their lot