Buick car displayIt seems that Buick has been around forever, but the truth is that it has been around for 110 years. Buick started to work on their first vehicle in May 1903 and by the next year they had the Model B. From there Buick continued to create great vehicle that keep up all the quality standards that we love in our vehicles.

In 1916 Buick created the D-45 Touring and it became the highest selling vehicle for Buick that year. This vehicle had a six cylinder engine as well. That year Buick became the top selling car brand reaching sales just past six figures.

The vehicle that helped Buick survive the great depression was the Series 50 that was released in 1931. This vehicle had an eight cylinder engine. A few years later in 1936 we would see the Century. The celebrity car was the 1949 Roadmaster and it was in the movie Rain Man. In 1963 they began selling the Riviera which became an iconic symbol for Buick. In 1975 the Regal was being sold and it was powered by a V-6 engine. Then we see the 1987 GNX that was powered by a turbocharged V6 intercooled engine. Then we saw the first car being made in China in 1999. The Buick is China’s top selling brand out on the market today.

For the popular models that we have today you will see the 2008 Enclave crossover and the 2010 LaCrosse Luxury Sedan. Come to Dominion Motors to check out either one of these Buick cars models. If these do not suit your style they have a variety of other great new or used Buick Cars in Thunder Bay. Call now to set up an appointment for a test drive right now and find out more about these great cars.