brake padsWriting on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Ontario, we embark upon a two part series covering all the gory details of the ceramic brake.  We ran into many an owner who was unaware of the advantages and scoop surrounding these brake pads in our certified service department, so we thought it might be helpful to cover some of those points here and in the post to follow.  For starters, most all Buick Car and GMC Truck owners want a quite set of brakes that produce little or no dust. There exists many different road conditions and temperatures with which to content, but this basic desire is what has caused the evolution of many different style brakes, including the ceramic ones sold at your Dominion Motors Buick Car Service in Thunder Bay.

To accommodate the above mentioned desires, the following is true, “brake friction materials have evolved significantly over the years. They’ve gone from asbestos to organic to semi-metallic formulations. Each of these materials has proven to have advantages and disadvantages regarding environmental friendliness, wear, noise and stopping capability.”  Asbestos is a health issue and organic is not usually effective enough.  Steel is loud and rough on the rotors.

Then, there are ceramic options…”Since they were first used on a few original equipment applications in 1985, friction materials that contain ceramic formulations have become recognized for their desirable blend of traits.”  Here at your Dominion Motors Certified Service Department, we use these as they are the most desirable options in brake pads on today’s market.  We will go into more details here in the next post to try to cover some of the specific questions you might have on ceramic brake pads for your new or used GMC Truck or Buick Cars in Canada.