glass cleanerIn compiling this information to share, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick car dealership, we understand that to the average person, buying a new Buick, or any other car for that matter, is a pretty large investment…one that you wouldn’t likely choose to take lightly. Unfortunately, as soon as the vehicle leaves the dealership, its value drops by as much as 50%. And the vehicle’s value continues to depreciate. The saddest part of that is that if it isn’t taken care of properly, the vehicle’s value can fall precipitously within a few years after it’s purchased. Things like lots of wear and tear and excessive mileage can cause the new Buick car’s resale value to plummet. Fortunately, there are a number of things car owners can do to help their new Buick car in Thunder Bay ON better retain its value. Here are a few tips to help maintain your Buick.

Start by keeping your Buick car clean. Keeping your car clean inside and out is an important step in helping it to maintain its value. You should wash the outside of the vehicle at least once each month. This helps prevent dirt, tree sap and other debris from doing damage to the paint. It’s not a bad idea to occasionally wax your new Buick car either.  “Waxing the automobile two or more times a year also helps protect the car’s exterior from scratches and other types of minor surface damage.”

Having the Buick car’s interior cleaned professionally might be a great idea as well.  “Keeping the vehicle’s interior clean is also important. Having the interior professionally cleaned at least once a year can remove stains and odors and help the vehicle retain more of its value.”  Keeping cigarettes out of your new Buick car in Thunder Bay ON is paramount to contributing to its cleanliness.  The smell of smoking clings to the interior and is near impossible to eliminate entirely.  There are so many other ways to help maintain the value of your new Buick cars, but keeping them clean in this way will be an excellent start.

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