historyYour Thunder Bay Buick Cars Dealer sells both GMC Trucks and Buick cars and they send us out to research any and all pertinent subject surrounding the industry so that we may gather facts and latest news and information and pass it along to you, the Buick Car consumer.  Today, we will elaborate on some of the history surrounding the GMC Trucks for sale in Thunder Bay.  Previously, we discussed some of the details surrounding the founding of the company and the GMC Trucks, without really playing any role in the Buick Cars lineup, coming from a differnet manufacturer.

As with most of GM’s growth in its early days, GMC was partnered together from a couple of other companies: Rapid Motor Vehicle and Reliance Motor, both of which built their first trucks in Detroit in 1902, according to our recent research done on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick car dealership in Ontario.  Let’s take a little history lesson for the beginning of our GMC Truck and Buick Cars journey that we plan to continue on with from here, shall we?

GMC began with the Grabowsky brothers of Detroit in 1902, GMC, had a G in its name that was totally unrelated with the men themselves.   “The “G” in its name has nothing to do with them at all, as a matter of fact. They called their firm Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. GMC’s second ancestor was the Reliance Motor Co., which built cars and trucks.”  Also, the logo for GMC Trucks was first utilized in 1911.  By 1912, they were using the logo for GMC vehicles at your Buick Car Dealerships in Canada.  The company officially changed its name in 1913.