five starWriting on behalf of your Buick car dealership in Thunder Bay, we want to chat about some of the latest and greatest technology in new cars for sale in Canada.  First off, let’s spend this time talking about what it would be like to wear the shoes of a new car designer, shall we?  “That’s a question you might ask if you see a sleek new Camaro on the road, or an electric car with an eye-catching look. The sloping angles, the taillights in the back – these all benefit from advances in computer technology in terms of sketching out ideas, rendering the final design, and then placing the design in a lifelike and realistic setting.”

For the 2018 Buick Regal TourX, it’s an interesting question because this is one of the newest designs you’ll see on the road, and yet many of us don’t overly consider the design behind a Buick, do we?  These new Buick cars in Thunder Bay have a lot of thought put into their design, so it’s time we focus our efforts there.

The newest Buick Regal in Thunder Bay is discussed as follows, “We designed this car electronically the entire way,” says Bob Boniface, the Exterior Design Director at Buick, speaking to TechRadar. “We were able to bring up the car on 20-foot monitors with a video of the car, evaluating the stance and the graphics signatures.”  As mentioned by Boniface, Buick car designers used models made of clay, but most of the design is all done on computers.  The TourX was being designed simultaneously.  It is said that the car was developed with Opel in Germany (which was a GM brand but is now owned by Peugeot-Citroen).  “A new entry like this has to stand out, especially among all of the other vehicles,” he says.