look insideWhen it comes to examining certain aspects of Buick cars in Thunder Bay, such as the Buick Envision in Canada, you have to look at the overall broad aspects as well as the up close specifics of what matters in the new Buick car scene.  We will look now, at the Thunder Bay Buick cars and how they handle car seats for those of us who have little ones and need to know.  “The outboard rear seats each have a full set of LATCH connectors, while the middle rear seat has an extra upper tether anchor that can be used with the inner lower anchors from the outboard seats.”

Now, we move on to look broadly at more aspects of the interior portion of the Buick cars in Thunder Bay that are part of the Envision lineup.  According to US News, the following is true, “The Envision’s cabin looks and feels upscale, with contemporary and elegant styling fitted with primarily high-end materials. Still, pricier rivals have more upscale interior materials, while the Envision has some hard plastics.”

When it comes to space available in the new Buick cars in Thunder Bay that are a part of the Envision family, the Buick Envision has a traditional amount of space that is beyond adequate for many families who would be pursuing this vehicle.  “The Envision has a typical amount of cargo space for a luxury compact SUV, with 26.9 cubic feet of room behind the rear seats and 57.3 cubic feet with the rears seats folded.”  The seats are also very flexible.  “The versatile rear seats can slide forward and backward to accommodate back-seat passengers or allow for more cargo.”  Loading things such as luggage into the backseat of the Envision is good too since the floor is low and the luggage itself can be handled without needing to lift things very high.  Stay tuned to the next several posts when we start talking about technology features in your next new Buick car from Thunder Bay.