We spent time previously in the past post or two discussing, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick cars, the ways in which Buick is listening to their current customers, tells us that they are interested in satisfying all that their consumers need and want in a new Buick car.  The Buick Envision is the latest subject of our writing and we will pass along the details of new things to point out to you regarding the newest model years.

New nine-speed automatic is present on the Buick cars in Thunder Bay.  2.0L turbo engine offers increased vehicle performance of 252 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The engine and transmission updates produce 0-60 mph acceleration just under a half-second quicker than the 2018 model.  Engine stop/start deactivation switch, which is the first time we see this feature in a Buick car in North America.  There is also a single rate brake booster which is for improved overall brake performance and requires less effort according to the experts at your Thunder Bay Buick Service and Sales.

More than the above, we also see the flexibility to switch between Adaptive Cruise Control and conventional Cruise Control.  This is ideal for those of us interested in autonomous driving ability but still lack the desire to give up total control behind the wheel. These Thunder Bay New Buick cars in Ontario also have enhanced visibility on the rear vision cameras and improved hands-free microphone for better call quality and better voice recognition.  So, you can see, not all of these features on the new Buick Envision are entirely novel ideas or concepts, but rather improved to make them work smarter and more comprehensively.  They are also almost all features that were asked for by current Buick car consumers in Thunder Bay Canada.