most popularMost all of us can see the value in supporting the underdog and no one lacks the excitement and feel of a good comeback, regardless of who it is.  It is a calming and relieving feel of success that goes along with struggle that is eventually conquered much as we cheer on life circumstance that we, as humans, work to overcome.  Buick cars in Thunder Bay are what we actually wish to focus on here, though you may not have guessed it from the elusive intro.  It just so happened that they are sort of the comeback kids of the auto industry in Thunder Bay and also in the US, actually, as they dropped to the bottom of the popularity barrel only to rise like the Phoenix in the past couple years.

Buick and Volvo are both in this same winner’s circle for largest gain in popularity as most overwhelming underdogs, as Yogi Berra would say.  Both brands have been described as lacking excitement in the past, yet they both bring crowds to their perspective Ontario Car Dealers now.

Partly to blame is likely the fact that their focus groups have been rather limited for some time now.  Both in Canada and the US, the Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON have been appealing to the older generation for quite some time now, while Volvo tends to appeal to the safety folks of the industry.  Both are more function than gracious or exciting form focus.  So, how and when did this change?  Well, for Buick, and on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer for whom we write, we found that GM did a dramatic brand change over back in 2009.  Here is what one article has to say on the subject and we will close with these thoughts, “ How did Buick go from life support — when GM did its dramatic brand culling in 2009, many wondered why Buick wasn’t jettisoned along with Pontiac — to being the world’s fastest growing mainstream brand in the first half of 2016? How has Volvo, Ford’s last castoff during the Great Recession, managed to bounce back from near irrelevance?  The easy answer — certainly the one making headlines — is that both looked east, the shared common thread that both, in their own way, were bailed out by China.”