oil changeHave you ever considered changing the oil in your Buick cars by yourself?  Well, there are a few things to keep in mind before setting out to handle this routine task, but for the most part, it can be done at home.  Many of us would just rather pay a professional simply to avoid the hassle.  If this better describes you, then you will want to know that you can get a really great deal on oil changes at your Buick Cars Service Center in Thunder Bay.  However, for those of you still wanting to explore the options of taking things into your own hands, changing the oil in your car is something that any DIYer can do.

Here are some tidbits from one article online that covers the subject well, “Although changing the oil might appear rather ‘duh,’ there are still a lot of folks doing it wrong, making it an ugly chore or overpaying for oil changes they could do themselves. Plus, it’s the single most important task you can do to make your engine last.”

Changing your own oil isn’t difficult—you may have even done it yourself years ago.  Although we mention above that it really doesn’t cost a lot to have the service center at your local Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer handle the task for you, some people still hesitate to pay for something they can handle themselves.  You will want to research a few things before the DIY process begins.  Which oil filter will best serve you?  They make economy filters, but they are only good for about 3,000 miles.  Many people will be changing the oil again by then, so that may not be a big deal.  Make sure you have the correct oil in terms of viscosity.  You will find all that you need to know, for the most part, in the manual for your Buick Car.  Good luck and remember, if all else fails, consult your Thunder Bay Buick Car Service Center.