self driving carsThis article is designed to be a follow up to a recent post written about the future of Buick Cars in Canada, as well as all other new cars around the globe.  It is expected to be seen within 10 years, a world where cars can and will drive themselves.  That’s right, and in fact, the presence of many features in today’s Buick Cars of Thunder Bay, prove this approaching reality.  A large reason as to why innovators working in the area of autonomous driving have inserted these features into our driving reality is to help us become accustomed to the idea of losing control a bit.   The next paragraph explains the same thing in KBB words.

“In fact, the presence of these active safety features in production cars is a crucial step toward convincing the driving public that self-driving cars are OK; they are the seeds planted in the minds of car owners that will eventually grow into an attitude of acceptance of autonomous cars.”  Some states have already accepted them as legal to use for testing purposes on their roadways…Nevada, Florida and California and Google is the main software already developed that will allow for autonomous driving.  Many other manufacturers are on their way to do the same.

The idea behind giving up the wheel is for the greater good.  In Buick Cars, other manufactured cars, trucks and SUVs, regardless of what you drive, we can eliminate human error and reduce or eliminate motor vehicle accidents and namely, fatalities.  Also consider the fact that we can reduce traffic greatly as well.  Here’s another take from a writer on KBB:  “The other answer is that self-driving cars will be truly excellent for the daily commute. Get some work done while your car drives you to work. Read. Call your mother.”