over 100 years in businessWhen it comes to where you will decide to do business for the purchase of your next new Buick Car, new GMC Truck or pre-owned car of your choice, we hope we can sway you to give us a try at Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay. Sometimes, it helps to know the history of the business you are considering dealing with and so before we tell you all about our high quality sales, service and parts departments, let us give you a glimpse into Dominion Motors as a Buick Car Dealer in Canada and how it all began.

The dealership actually dates back over one hundred years ago. In fact, in 2011, Dominion Motors celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary. It is almost unheard of these days to find a car dealer in Canada, or any business anywhere, for that matter, that can say they have made it over a century and are still in business today! Our website speaks to this fact, “To survive over a century in business is remarkable, but to reach that milestone within one family is an accomplishment reached by only a select few. Owner and General Manager Tyler Dolcetti is proud to carry on his family legacy into a 4th generation.”

The year was 1911 when Tyler’s Great Grandpa, George Dolcetti, first started in the new car business. Throughout the years his two sons, Guido and Alfred took over two separate car dealerships in Canada. Guido passed away in 1968 and in 1970, his brother Alfred combined the two dealers and moved them to Thunder Bay South. As the information page of our Thunder Bay Dealer website explains, “In 1980 Tyler’s father John purchased the business and in 1988 built a new dealership at its present location.” Then, twenty three years later, in 2011, Tyler Dolcetti became the next generation to proudly own and operate Dominion Motors. Tyler says their success is due, in part to the way they “stay ahead of the curve” and do so by “keeping focused on improving our level of service and responding to the needs of our customers.”