Buick CarThe segment of new cars in the compact sedan realm just keeps growing and growing.  For this reason, and the fact there are really very few on the market that offer the same luxury, the Buick Verano continues to become more of a hit each year.  Just a few words to describe these awesome little Buick cars for sale at your Dominion Motors Buick Dealer in Canada would be as follows:  sophisticated without being complicated, high performance, unique craftsmanship that sets them apart from other new cars and chock full of the latest in technology.

Beginning in 2012, when these new Buick Cars first arrived on the scene, analysts and experts in the industry have all been taken aback by the number of sales reported.  “Sales of the Verano have outpaced most analysts’ expectations, with more than 41,000 sold in 2012 – its first full calendar year – reflecting continued growth of a new generation of Buick customers and a broader lineup that included the addition of a turbocharged model.”  This year, the Buick Verano in Thunder Bay seats up to five people and comes available as four different models.  The most well equipped version of these Buick cars is the Verano (1SD), the other three versions of this Buick car are as follows: Convenience (1SG), Leather (1SL) and Verano Turbo 1ST.

If you are to choose the Convenience group as a minimum in this Buick Cars lineup, then you will receive quite the list of safety equipment included as standard.  Things like Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert crash-avoidance technologies will be standard with your new Buick Verano.  You will have optional safety features which are highly recommended as well, such as, Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning, both of which are new this year.  Stop by your local Buick Cars Dealership in Canada and experience one of these Buick Cars for yourself.