Passenger Car, Parking At The Curb Urban Roads. CopyspaceYour local new and used Buick cars dealer serving Thunder Bay wants our drivers to be safe and will strive to bring you the latest in automobile safety studies to help. Recently, new studies have been conducted pertaining to the use of turn signals and how the improper use can result in alarming rates of accidents on roadways. The Society of Automotive Engineers recently conducted research that shows that the failure to use turn signals or not turning them off after use can result in as many as 2 million accidents every year.

We have all been either the driver who fails to use the turn signal, or the driver behind the person who suddenly turns without one and it’s never a good situation. The reason behind the behavior could be laziness, poor training, or even distractions. Distracted driving is such an issue in today’s society that it is not a surprise that it may also have something to do with accidents related to proper turn signal usage.

It is assumed that these new findings may also prompt new technology. Studies have recently been done on “smart turn-signals” that would warn drivers when a light needs to be cancelled or that might automatically turn on when needed. With this new information, you may also notice police enforcing the use of turn signals more often. Traditionally, this is an act that is not cited very often. As police become more aware of the effects this has, that will hopefully change and people will start being held more accountable for their poor driving habits.

Buick cars are equipped with the latest safety technology regarding lane changes and signal use and Buick engineers are constantly finding new approaches to implement safety into your Buick cars.  Dominion Motors would be happy to show you how some of these safety measures actually work.  Contact us today to set up a test drive and see it in action!