open roadIn the previous post for Dominion Motors in Thunder Bay, we began discussing the thrill of a road trip or multiple excursions, especially over the summer months.  We love the idea of getting behind the wheel of our new Buick Cars in Canada with nothing but wide open spaces in front of us.  The only things that will quickly squash that excitement are troubles with your ride.  There are, fortunately, ways in which we can help ensure you won’t encounter any roadside disasters.  Well, there are not guarantees, but doing a few things at your local Buick Cars service center before you get behind the wheel, will surely help.

Our first part of this series talked at length about tire inspection and preparation.  Then, we touched briefly on brakes.  Besides pad condition, however, the following is also true and recommended by the service experts at Pep Boys, “You’ll also want to know if it’s time to service your brake fluid. Over time water and contaminants make their way into your brake fluid and the system needs to be flushed, cleaned and filled with fresh fluid.”

Once your tires and brakes have been given the thumbs up for road trip readiness, then you may as well do a general overall inspection as well, say most Buick Car Service Experts in Canada, “While looking under your car, your auto technician should also inspect your suspension system for worn or damaged parts. If you need new shocks or struts, you’ll really notice the difference on your trip once you have them replaced.”  Finally, don’t forget the cooling system!  Your new or used Buick Cars may be ready for a coolant exchange or flush.  You can also replace old or worn cooling system parts at this point as well.  You will be glad that you did, when you see how much more efficient your cooling system works.