Mechanic Fixing Auto In Car ServiceHere are the next few tips from your dealer of Buick Cars in Ontario.

6) Check for Engine warning signs

Often it is not a big deal to drive short trips with some warning lights on or gauges reading out of normal range. However there are three that if ignored could mean your cars doom, the engine temperature gauge, the engine’s oil light, and the brake light. It only takes a couple of minutes with an excessively hot engine or dangerously low oil pressure to make your car stop working forever. Or if you drive only a couple miles with your brake light on your routine stop could turn into a routine rear ending.

Start forming the habit of taking a quick look at your temperature gauges as well as warning lights. If you notice that the “idiot” lights have turned on you need to turn the engine off and pull over as soon as possible. Doing this could save you from buying an entirely new engine or even a new car.

7) Keep up Routine Maintenance

Skipping regularly scheduled maintenance intervals is one of the quickest ways to assure your car finds its way to an early grave. Regular oil changes and oil, fuel and air filter changes all help make sure your car has what it needs to run without problems: clean air and clean fuel, plus fresh, uncontaminated oil to prevent wear and tear.

An added bonus to regular service? It gives good mechanics an opportunity to spot problems before they balloon into something more serious.

If you’re wondering how often to do these things, there’s a book that explains it all to you. It’s called the owner’s manual. You’ll find it in your glove box, shrink-wrapped in plastic, because — if you’re like most of us — you’ve probably never looked at it. In the back you’ll find a list of service intervals, and the services that are recommended during each of them. If intervals in the book stop at 120,000 miles, that doesn’t mean you’re done with maintenance. Go back to the beginning and start over (so, for instance, do all the services called for in the 7,500-mile service at 127,500). Nice try, though.