Hand with wrench. Auto mechanic in car repair .Here are the next tips from your dealer of Buick Cars near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

9) Do Not Wait too Long to Get Your Problems Checked

This should be like saying do not let a cold turn into pneumonia. If your car develops a small problem not getting it checked as soon as it happens can let it turn into a much more expensive problem.

An easy example is a torn CV boot; this is a common problem but a simple repair. Although if you delay on getting it fixed you will eventually wind up on the side of the road, not able to drive and paying more than you should have to for a tow and new axle. This is just a single example. There are several other issues that will start small and then balloon into much larger problems is they aren’t addressed quickly


Above anything else make sure that your car is safe to drive. If you doubt anything as small as your tie rods, airbag, seat belts, brake lines, ball joints, brakes, or simply the structural strength of your car, get it checked soon.

Even though you want your car to last a long time, you still want to outlive your car.

10) Get a Mechanic You Trust

Get a mechanic you trust innately. Think of owning your car as being in a partnership with your mechanic. Or you could think of it as a partnership between your bank account, the bank holding your car’s loan and your mechanics paycheck. Since your mechanic will tell you the price and do the fixing you need to trust him. Having a trusting relationship with your mechanic give you the ability to make financially responsible decisions while understanding that you can trust what you’re being told.