Businessman Offering A Car Key With Thumbs-upHere are the final tips from your dealer of Buick Cars in Ontario.

13) Do Not Go For the Heated Garage

Carports and Garages are fantastic inventions. No one wants to spend twenty minutes every winter morning freezing while scraping the ice off of the window. A garage will allow you to escape that annoying hassle in the morning. This will also help your car to avoid the decline of your exterior and interior.

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However, there’s a big exception to this rule: heated garages. Our advice is to skip the heated garage, which can accelerate your car’s march towards its grave. Here’s why: Heat accelerates oxidation, also known as rust. You drive in the garage with snow and ice on your car, it melts, and the water and salt mix in that nice, warm petri dish and, come morning, there’s less of your car there.

14. Be Proud!

Owning an older car should be a source of pride. You’re showing that you’re sensible, not swayed by the latest models and capable of keeping your car well maintained. Who knows? That sort of no-frills common sense can be very appealing to members of the opposite sex. It might even land you a date! After all, who wants somebody who’s always got his eye on a new model?

Even if it doesn’t score you the babe or hunk of your dreams, owning an older car can offer you something else: a truly liberating experience. You no longer care about scratches, dents or bird droppings.

So that’s it! We really hope that this blog series has inspired you to take some pride in your car, no matter how old it is! New cars are always fun, but they aren’t always practical. Make good choices concerning the life of your four-wheeled friend.